{Latest 10 Ways} How to Overcome Depression?

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10 Ways to Overcome Depression


10 Ways to Overcome Depression : Amidst today’s rapidly modernized world with infinitely many avenues of communication and interconnectedness, there exist rising concerns about the deepening of loneliness. After an exorbitant rise of individualism in self, what can one expect but depression? Today’s increasing pressures on the mind of a person in all possible social, psychological and material forms ultimately tantamount to a build-up of the mental condition called depression.

‘The bravest thing I have ever done was continuing to live when I wanted to die.”

-Juliette Lewis

As depression is a psychological problem with grave implications for the well being of an individual, the call of the hour is to find not just a treatment but a solution to the problem. It needs to be understood that it is a complex issue and hence the solution needs to be multipronged so as to attack the very root of depression.

Ways to tackle depression

A solution strategy for depression is essentially based on a thorough understanding of the root cause. In view of this, the following are ten possible ways of addressing the issue and giving it a tough fight:

#1 Understand the cause: Try to analyze the event or the series of events that led to the build-up of depression and if this exercise turns successful, believe that the battle is half won!

#2 Attacking depression at the Outset: The moment you feel the tiniest of the negative emotions beginning to creep into your heart, try to plunge them out at the outset by simply stopping to think about it.

#3 Socialization: Man is a social animal and hence, continuous social interactions full of warmth and substance with near and dear ones are a must to fight depression as they will harbor positive emotions which can be great stress-busters in depressing times!

#4 Resort to Hobbies: Our busy lives may not leave us with space for our pursuit of hobbies but as the saying goes- ‘Happy is the man who lives by hobbies’, hobbies will channelize your heart and mind in the right direction and will bring immense satisfaction and self-confidence in you.

#5 Books: For those who consider books as their best friends need not worry a bit about depressions for motivational books or books of one’s favorite genre actually help the mind in taking a flight from the present state to a completely different world of imaginations and fantasies.

#6 Exercise and Yoga: Scientifically proven, exercises, brisk walking, and yoga can significantly improve a person’s overall well being and act as a strong barrier to any sort of feeling of depression by inducing positive feelings and driving one away from idleness.

#7 Community Service: The joy of giving and serving others before self-gives one of the most pious feelings of humanely satisfaction that a person seeks to achieve. So, get out of your homes because your community and happiness are waiting for you!

10 Ways to Overcome Depression
10 Ways to Overcome Depression

#8 Travelling: Sometimes, all our heart needs is peace and calm which can actually make depression vanish in the wink of an eye. So, if one is depressed, he/she may put on his/her bags and set out for an enthralling and peaceful journey of the pristine Himalayas or to the countryside to find complete solace of heart.

#9 Stop Over-thinking: Over-thinking is the prominent tool that drives depression and so the tool removed implies the process of depression halted. Though difficult, an effective and constant urge to divulge thoughts from the negative side to the positive one will surely help mitigate over-thinking.

#10 Optimism: The ultimate sine-qua-non to fight depression is a strong will power and to  have an optimistic frame of mind for an optimistic mind not only negates the negative chances of an event and sees the positive aspects of every event but also helps in becoming a better and more successful person as ‘What one thinks, one becomes’!


Every person has a different orientation of thoughts-every person has a different meaning of depression and hence, the causes of depression also vary from person to person. Thus, the above options are a La-carte menu out of which one should choose that set of options which suits him the best. The underlying common thread in all solutions, however, is the early detection of depression and a superseding will power to overcome it. Wishing all the readers a happy, depression free and optimistic life ahead!