15 Best Places to Study in North America

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There are a wide array of colleges and universities not only in the United States but in all of North America. Several cities have their unique charm and well-known institutions to consider for your study experience that includes history, culture, and places to live.

15 Best Places to Study in North America
15 Best Places to Study in North America

15 Best Places to Study in North America


Natives often refer to Vancouver as the best city to live in and a great place to study. It offers a vast array of natural beauty for exploring outdoors since you can just as quickly take a hike in the mountains as you can water ski in the surf. One of Canada’s largest universities, the University of British Columbia, is located in the southwestern coastal area of the city.

San Francisco

This city is one of the most eclectic in all of North America. The northernmost region of California is known for its tech companies that offer internships to local university students. Students from more than ten colleges and universities that include the USC-San Francisco and San Francisco State University get hired.


Toronto has always been considered the “New York of Canada.” It is part of the Ontario region, and it has the country’s largest museum, The Royal Ontario Museum. It is a unique destination to study for in-depth language programs as well as a hub for international students.

New York City

This city has the distinction of having the most choices for higher education in North America. From New York University known for its film school to the Fashion Institute of Technology, there are over 60 public as well as private colleges and universities.


No city in Canada offers a higher number of universities to choose from (11 in the city limits) and at least 60 colleges with approximately 200,000 students. There is also an excellent chance to receive research funding at most of the places to study. Majority of Canada’s research funds are given to universities and colleges in this city.


Chicago’s is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the Midwest. It is known for the University of Chicago, a private educational institution famous for its programs in economics. It also has the Art Institute of Chicago and the largest conservatory in the U.S., Garfield Park.

Washington D.C.

This city is a political epicentre for anyone studying in the field of political science or history. It is unique from most of the other cities in that the city’s attractions themselves can be the focus of anyone’s studies. These include the Library of Congress, and The Smithsonian, to name only a few. Two of the major universities, Howard University and Georgetown University are found in the heart of the city.


Known to many as only a place to vacation, Tampa also has at least 50 different colleges and universities to choose from in less than a 30-mile radius. Each of these colleges offers either two-year or four-year degree programs. Nearly all of them have a wide variety of student housing in Tampa FL or near the city centre.

Quebec City

Quebec can claim dual native languages-French and English making it an excellent choice for students from all over the world who are looking for an optimally diverse environment for studying. At least 25,000 new international students come to Quebec City every year.


The largest city in the Eastern region of the U.S. and the most historic. It boasts a timeline dating back to 1630, and at least three major universities in a few mile radius-Cambridge, Harvard, and MIT. It has a stellar reputation as a place to come to for higher education as well as a unique identity.

Ann Arbor

Known for its wide variety of educational options for specialized programs, Ann Arbor is the heart of the University of Michigan which spreads across this relatively small, quaint city. There are also smaller colleges and universities, 22 in all, within the surrounding area of fewer than 30 miles that include both two and four-year degree programs.

Victoria, British Columbia

Known as the progressive education model city. Victoria’s most well-known college, The University of British Columbia, is known for the ease by which it allows credit transferring. From one university or college to another known as the B.C. Transfer System, making it popular with native residents as well as international students.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is much like New York City in that it offers a wide variety of programs at all levels of higher education. It has one of the largest city library systems, (72 locations), for anyone’s study needs. These do not include dedicated studying locations at the over 60 universities and colleges in Los Angeles County.


Along with only a few other cities in the U.S., this city has the distinction of its rich history that can be a program in and of itself to study. It is also considered to be only one of a handful of the largest college towns in North America with as many as 80 different higher education institutions within its city limits. These include the University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia University knowns for its engineering program.


As Canada’s fourth-largest city, Ottawa is found in eastern Ontario and widely recognized for attracting international students who are interested in studying abroad. This includes a large number of U.S. students who are interested in many of the comprehensive language programs that are offered at places like the University of Ottawa.

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