4 Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Ability

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Writing an essay, especially an academic one, is an easy art that one can do easily master. However, one ought to understand the basic rules if they are to write an intriguing essay. Essay writing does not just means using big words, constant use of active voice but rather a good choice of words and the right voice to help readers understand.

Whether academic or any other form of academic writing, you need to at least bear in mind some fundamental concepts about essay writing. These are the obvious principles for your essay to be a big deal. People’s essay who use them end up being interesting and meaningful. If you want to improve on your essay assignment, these four tips will help you write a good essay.

Get Insight on What You Are Writing About

This is the first step before you start writing. If you skip this, you may end up using filler words. Furthermore, you may run out of ideas in the middle of your essay. This helps you understand if you have the content required for compiling the essay. For prolific writing, outline your ideas and let them flow as you wish to present them. In case of inadequate ideas, you can research before embarking to write and if the situation so allows.

A good essay has three key parts, an introduction that captures the attention of the reader and introduces the concept or dissertation of the essay. The second part is the body. It is usually a grammatical construction of coherent sentences to give the desired meaning. You need to use the right sentence structure to be more captivating.

The last part is the conclusion which draws all the ideas together and gives a verdict if need be. A conclusion should be well done and summarize your essay as well. If possible, leave a rhetoric question near the end which in a way states your recommendation.

Comprehend Syntax and Punctuation

An essay is basically a coordinated arrangement of words to drive home an idea or storyline. The coordination is brought about by syntax and punctuation. Sentences must follow the right structure and be semantically correct. The subject, verb and object in the sentence must be in the right order. You need to understand the parts of speech, when to use a noun, verb, adjective, or even an adverb. There are many places you can read about parts of speech.

Furthermore, paragraphs must be well developed. Only a single idea should be expounded in each paragraph. Let the chronology of paragraphs not disrupt the flow of ideas. Use of conjunctions can help relate an idea to another but in different paragraphs.

If you have a problem with syntax, you might consider joining a writing class. There are many classes you can join and improve your writing skills. Syntax problems are definitely the main problem that can hinder you from writing better. Punctuation is critical as syntax too. Poor punctuation may give a sentence an entirely different meaning. Moreover, poor punctuation may make your essay meaningless and entirely complete waste.

Right Use of Vocabulary and Terminologies

While good vocabulary can really add a score to your essay, misuse of it equally deducts your essay score. Before using vocabulary or terminology, make sure that you understand what it means. Furthermore, ensure that it succinctly fits in the context.

Avoid ambiguity

You can increase your vocabulary through extensive reading. However, do not overuse vocabulary. Though an essay with a lot of vocabulary may be good, it can be too complex to be understood. Moderately employ vocabulary. In case you are using an idiomatic expression or saying, be sure that they logically fit into the essay. Expressions choice of words may make you misuse them while the expression means something entirely different.

Analysis of the Argument and Research

Before embarking on writing, as aforementioned, make sure you have the main points with you. You can write them down and make sure your arguments are exclusively supported by the main points. While a little derailing off the topic might seem easy, it makes your work long and adds the likelihood of mistakes. The authenticity of your essay depends on a clear link between content and the idea required. Before you write anything, be sure to ask for the opinion of friends.

The four guidelines give you an idea of what an essay should include. There are many other finer details to make your essay more sophisticated. Even more, there are websites that do the essay for you. The prolific one is rapidessay.com. Your essay is done quickly and comes with an edge. The price charged is very low compared to the quality you get. The site does all kinds of student essays. However, if you cannot access their services, use the above guidelines to improve your essay writing skills. If you add some little training and practice, you will quickly become a great writer.