5 Hacks To Stay Away From Addictive Games

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How To Stay Away From Addictive Games?


Games are designed with the intention of being addictive. Be it the age old games of Monopoly, dicing and gambling or the legendary Mario or Grand Theft Auto or the more recent ones in the times and life of this digital age such as Farmville on Facebook, Pokémon Go or the most notorious Blue Whale game, their addiction have surpassed all limits.

5 Hacks To Stay Away From Addictive Games
5 Hacks To Stay Away From Addictive Games

We are all guilty of having given into our gaming addiction at one point or another. Come on, no use concealing your guilty pleasure of playing Candy Crush at odd hours.

Games are a refuge from the mundane chaos of life. And yet this refuge is often accompanied with a great price- deterioration of the player’s mental and physical health. Games influence a player’s life outside the virtual world, so much so that sometimes the person prefers the virtual world to reality.

Now since we all carry the disease, so shall we deliver the cure.

5 Hacks To Stay Away From Addictive Games

  • Meditation: Meditation lets a person dissolve within oneself and discover all that lies underneath the person’s skin. It makes the mind calm, allowing greater focus and concentration. Exercising and meditation will keep you fresh and full of energy. This will in turn let the creative flow from within you helping you concentrate on things more and make better use of your time. To avoid any type of distraction or procrastination that the addictive video games may pose, do yourself a favour and start exercising and meditating right away.
  •  Don’t Lose Sleep Over It: If you are up all night, playing video games, you are losing precious sleep over your addiction. Add up the total hours spent playing video games and set limits. Nothing is worth losing sleep over- realize this fact and get into a routine of going to bed at a proper hour. If you are spending your precious sleeping time playing video games, you need to set your priorities right.
  • Keep a track of your time: Track the amount of time you spend on playing video games in a day/ week. Record it and the result will speak for itself. Shocked by the amount of time you spend on playing video games? Now think about all the wonderful things you could be doing in the time that you otherwise waste on playing video games. Studies show that a hardcore video games addict could be spending close to twenty-four hours a week on video games. Now with eight hours of sleep every night, the essential number of hours for the human body to stay healthy, you don’t have time for doing much. Enough said.
  • Read the manual of the game: Reading the walk- through of the game might not sound like a very good hack to stay away from a video game since you’re addicted to it but trust me it’ll ruin the game for you. Ever heard of ‘spoilers’… It’ll be the same for you and there won’t be many interesting things left for you in the game. The enjoyment one gets in finding out what happens next and the excitement of discovering new things will be over for you. This will end up making the game very boring for you and will be great in helping you overcome the addiction.
  • Accept Responsibility: Be aware of your goals and aspiration in life and take responsibility for your actions. The problem of video game addiction lies not outside but within the individual. You need to learn to say ‘NO’ to video games and focus on the more important things in life. Identifying the negative impacts that the addiction might lead to will help you focus on positive improvements and getting back the things that you really are missing out on. Your attempts at beating the addiction will be futile until you accept the existence of the addiction and focus on beating it.


Develop a hobby that will help you overcome your addiction of video games. It could be reading, playing basket ball or any sport for that matter. With all the above mentioned five things on track, let this hobby be your anti-addiction that will lead you towards the light from this dark path of guns, zombies and the clash of kings. Pun intended!