7 Ways to Improve Concentration While Studying

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Studying may seem boring; you have to never give up on studying. I know, studying may not be considered as the most exciting part of high school or college and university or whatever course you are attending, but now, taking this thought into assumption, you have to find the right motivation to overcome this belief and understand that studying is not such an obstacle.

Concentration is a good engine for also producing a sensation of reward towards yourself, the more you concentrate on your tasks, more you feel rewarded when you see the results and then the more you feel good.

Before sharing the actual information for what you are here, let’s focus on your actual situation: you are not able to focus on your assignments, homework for more than 7-8 minutes; you fantasize every moment, moving your mind and attention from one thing to another or try to find something more interesting. The primary and the only outcome of these situations is that you are losing so much time, every day you feel less motivated towards study than the day before and your results are worsening day by day. So, to improve concentration while studying you has to maintain it too for better results, you can’t improve it if you are not maintaining it.

7 ways to improve concentration while studying

7 Ways to improve concentration While Studying

#1. Get sufficient sleep:

To improve concentration the first thing you should follow is to get sufficient sleep as sleep is necessary for memory consolidation and feeling alert and refreshed improves your concentration. If you are not getting sufficient sleep then you will not be able to pay attention as you will feel sleepy. A brain needs sleep and seven to eight hours is a must.

#2. Find a comfortable and appropriate environment for study:

Everyone has their own studying environment preferences. If you don’t know your studying preferences, the experiment in different areas as your ability to concentrate in different environments will reveal itself. It is a good idea to eliminate distractions as much as possible while studying so you can concentrate easily.

#3. Develop a healthy lifestyle:

Eat healthy to avoid a restless mind and lethargic body. Take a healthy, balanced diet, take regular exercise. A healthy lifestyle increases the amount of blood and oxygen that is delivered to the brain which helps to improve concentration.

#4. Exercise your mind as much as you can:

Develop a hobby of a reading novel, learn different languages or practice yourself at crosswords, Sudoku or some brain teaser games. A mental challenge can help to create new wire connections in the brain, which makes it more effective.

#5. Schedule your day for study:

Stick to a routine and follow it regularly. This allows you to build up studying time into a habit, making you more likely to follow through on study plans. Once you know the time of day that you are more energetic, you can make sure you study during those times, increasing your ability to focus and concentrate on your work.

#6. Rehearse information:

Review the information later on the same day. Review it at regular time intervals until you feel comfortable that you know it well enough. If you find difficulty to review the whole information then you can make summarized notes to make it easier.

#7. Use mnemonics:

While studying we face many problems in learning so we can use mnemonics which means to relate or visualize the information with our daily life. For example- rainbow has seven colors that are Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red so to memorize it in the sequence we can learn it by a single word ‘VIBGYOR’.

7 ways to improve concentration while studying
7 ways to improve concentration while studying

Hope this article provides the information you are looking for and helped you to improve your concentration while studying.

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