7 Ways to Pay Attention in a College Class

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Be it school or college, the life of a student is not easy. A student’s daily schedule is rigid and compact. With the burden of completing assignments and lab records they hardly find time to stay attentive and alert in class. Here are 7 steps in which you can stay focused in your classroom.

7 Ways to Pay Attention in a College Class

#1 Choose your bench mate wisely

It is obvious that after entering college students intend to sit where ever they want to but this is one big mistake they commit. It doesn’t matter at all if it’s college or school your friend circle does affect your performance and your grades. So, be careful in choosing the person with who you are going to share your seat, if your bench mate is sincere and studious then it would definitely help you to clear your doubts because you can be more comfortable with your friend than your faculty.

#2 Take running notes

If you expect your faculties to spoon-feed you with notes you fairy world, come back to real world. When you are in college no faculty will assist you with full lecture notes to mug up and spit it up in the exams. But, it is not practical to make full notes in your classroom or at your residence. So, the best thing is to take running notes. Note down the key points when attending the class and go through them once you come back home from college. This way you can remember what is taught in class for a long time and if you get a doubt then you can clear it the next day.

#3 Take a decent sleep

It is arduous to find time to give your body the required time it needs to kick out all the stress and rise up with a fresh mood in such a tight schedule but try to give your body the required sleep (6-7 hours). If you struggle to do so then you can take a nap in your classroom between the lecture break. A short nap can save you from losing an important lecture session and regret later.

#4 Meditate

Meditation helps you to stay focused and concentrate on tasks you perform. It also helps you to feel relaxed and calm even in stressful situations. A meditation of 10 minutes twice daily will give you surprising results and you will see the difference in your performance and certainly you will feel active and fresh. Try to find a peaceful environment for meditation as it will not add up to the distraction.

#5 Involve in discussion

In classroom raise questions to your faculty about the topic, discuss it with your friends and ask your faculty about the objective of the subject. This way you can get involved in the environment and stay attentive. If you are an introvert or hesitate to ask being scared of your faculty’s reaction then listen to others questions in the class and try to find your solution, look at how the faculty reacts to the questions, see if they are interactive and friendly. This way you can get involved with your faculties and get your doubts cleared.

#6 Bathing every day is inevitable

Sounds funny, right? You might be thinking that you can’t manage to rest your body properly then how will you take a bath before going to college? Now, think of it as funny or improbable it is the most important point to follow. A cold water bath will make you feel fresh and active. It also improves your mood and mental alertness. A warm bath helps release stress, provides physical warmth and reduces the feeling of loneliness and provides better sleep.

#7 Sit in the front row

The funniest yet contrasting difference between school and college is that in school pupils rush towards the first bench but in college, there is competition to acquire the last row first. But sitting in the front row has its own advantages viz. you will restrain to check your recent WhatsApp message in the group and you will think time before uploading a picture on Instagram which eventually will help you to stay focused on the lectures.

Do not forget to keep these things in mind before you attend your class tomorrow!

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