Academic Essay Writing Services: The Pros and Cons

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Custom writing services are a popular way for students to improve their writing skills. As with most things, these writing services have many positive and negative features. To help you make a decision about custom writing services, we have separated these features into pros and cons. Keep reading to find out more about custom essay writing services!


  1. You will be given an example to refer to. It’s nice to have a custom essay in front of you because you can then follow the organization of the paper. There may also be helpful resources listed in the paper, so you can utilize those in your own paper. Without an example, you may not know where to start or what to do next.
  2. You don’t have to learn about a topic you don’t care about. Often, the essays that you have to write are about topics you don’t care about. They might be pretty boring to you, which complicates the researching and writing processes. If somebody else is writing the essay for you, they are doing the research and writing about the potentially boring topics. You don’t have to waste your time learning about a topic that simply isn’t relevant to you.
  3. They are very affordable. If you’re interested in using a custom essay writing service, you might be concerned about the price you will have to pay. Fortunately, many of these custom essay services are affordable. The companies realize that you’re likely a college student, so you may not have hundreds of dollars to spend on an essay. They purposely make these services affordable for you!
  4. The essay will be tailored to your needs. When you first start the custom essay process, you will be asked to provide all of the requirements. If your professor has given you a required word count or a specific format to follow, this is important to supply to the writer. Then, they can make sure that they follow those requirements. You will then receive a paper that fits your needs perfectly!
  5. You might have the opportunity to work closely with a professional writer. When you hire a professional writer, you will likely have a chance to talk to them about the paper that they have written for you. This depends on the service that you end up using and who the writer is. You may be able to ask for clarification on certain choices they made. They might even offer you some advice. Having this connection is important and you should learn a lot from the writer.
  6. You won’t be stressed about writing the perfect essay. When you shift the responsibility of your essay over to someone else, you are taking the pressure off yourself. A professional writer knows what they’re doing and how to handle the assignment. You should find a writer or a service that you trust so that you don’t have to worry about getting everything right yourself.
  7. You will have more time for other homework or activities. One of the main reasons that students commonly hire professional writers is because they simply don’t have enough time to write the essays themselves. If you hire a professional, you will have more time to do other homework or to hang out with your friends. Plus, you won’t be stressed about getting the essay done on time.


  1. It may be tricky to find a service that isn’t a scam. Unfortunately, many essay writing services do not provide what they say they will. You might be looking for a unique essay and end up with a reused one. You should do your research to ensure that you are working with a reputable company. Look for honest online reviews to lead you in the right direction.
  2. You won’t learn as much about the topic. If you are being asked to write a paper on a specific topic, it is usually to help you learn more about that topic. When it’s time to write your own essay, you will have to do some research. You will be expected to look for books, journals, and websites to add to your writing. If you aren’t writing the essay yourself, you also won’t be doing the research. This is just important to keep in mind, especially if the essay topic could appear on a huge exam later on!
  3. The writer might not be as good as you had hoped. Some of the writers who are employed at custom essay writing companies are very skilled writers. Of course, there are a few writers at each company that may not be as good as you thought they were. This puts you in a tough spot if you are given an essay that doesn’t meet your standards. Another issue is that sometimes these writers may not speak native English. Due to their experience with the language, they may not write perfectly.

Overall, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. One of the best ways to avoid the issues that the cons bring is by selecting a trustworthy essay writing service you can rely upon. Then you should receive the essay you were truly hoping for. In most cases, you shouldn’t have any issues.

By choosing a less reputable company, you may run into some problems and have to buy a second essay from another company later on. You can also look at the company’s policies and guarantees to make sure you’re protected if things don’t work out. It’s best to do it the right way from the start!