All That Glitters Is Not Gold : Essay, Meaning, Explanation, Speech

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Essay, Meaning, Explanation, Speech

Introduction (All That Glitters Is Not Gold  Essay)

Appearances are often deceiving, and so becomes the way we tend to look at things and form a perspective about them. A lot of things shine quite bright, just the way gold does. It is only when one gets close to the real thing, they realize not only it isn’t gold, but not even close.

The proverb originated from the play “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare, with the actual words being “All that glitters is not gold”.

“Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.”

All That Glitters Is Not Gold  Meaning

Gold is a lustrous metal and is considered a very prestigious possession. Spellbinding one completely, it is a delight for the eyes and is used for numerous things that include the manufacturing of sumptuous jewelry, medals, and crowns, as well as for financing and investment purposes.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold
All That Glitters Is Not Gold

However, appearances can really be misleading. Not everything that shines brightly is actually valuable as gold. What may look good on the outside might not necessarily be the same from the inside.

For example, the lifestyle of a celebrity might seem like an ideal one; anything and everything quintessential served on a silver platter along with countless luxuries. But in reality, it might involve a very hectic work schedule with grinding for almost sixteen to eighteen hours every single day with barely any time to be spent with their loved ones.

The idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover” can also be referred to here as it also somewhat delivers the same message, stating not to make judgments based on the exterior, i.e. what is visible on the outside but being patient enough to go through what is hidden internally, as that is when the actual incredulity unveils.

Relevance (All That Glitters Is Not Gold  Explanation)

From handpicking fancy boots to choosing real friends, the proverb is highly pertinent in today’s time. In a world where millions are invested in beautifying the outer look, what exists on the inside is tremendously imperative.

Making sagacious choices while purchasing clothes as well as other household items demand the durability and the robustness of the commodity to be analyzed more than its decorative exterior.

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Same is the case whilst seizing other opportunities, a new job for example. What might seem appealing in the beginning, may turn out to be really stressful and troublesome, whilst the other one being offered may result in being the better of the two when considered for the long term.

Similarly, when it comes to people, one must not just seek companionship with someone who’s attractive and says beguiling stuff but also the ones who may not be that good looking or keeping up with the latest fashion trends, but possess a golden heart as that is what’s going to matter in the end. What one’s intentions truly are can only be sensed after getting to know them inside out, which sure takes a while. Making quick decisions based only on appearances and not upon one’s deeds and efforts can be regretful in the end, as actions truly speak louder than words.

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Conclusion on Speech on All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Thus, everyone and everything should be gauged upon by their personalities and characteristic qualities rather than just the outer appearance. A false veneer may mislead us to wrong people who intend nothing but the odious, but being patient enough to know who one really is, an encounter is no big deal with an angel in disguise.

Keeping in mind this proverb in the modern day is highly significant, as it will not only help in making the right choices but also help one in their personal growth and development in all sorts.

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