All You need to know to study at Anna University

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The universities in India, in which some of them can certainly be counted in the top best Universities. Having said that, these universities offer premium quality education, along with a much-needed breakthrough in their extra-curricular activities and other refreshing activities. One such goes by the name Anna University, situated in the picturesque Chennai.

Anna University, established in the year 1978 provides excellent higher education in Engineering, Technology, and Allied Sciences. Not only does it encourage research and propagation of such knowledge gained from the research, but it is also keen on bolstering the bond between the academic and industrial communities.

All You need to know to study at Anna University
All You need to know to study at Anna University

The University takes under consideration all factors. A whole self-sufficient society in itself, one can read books in the library, or play their favourite games in the ground, or even have fun around with the dogs roaming on the campus. The University makes sure that you study enough for the exams, but other than that, it promotes wholesome education, which is better used to battle the real world.

The college is pretty accessible, residing right in the middle of the sprawling city, where you can opt for bus and train transportation. Anna University also provides passes for the same, which can help you save pocket money. An online map on their website is readily available that you can refer to anytime you want, especially if you think you are lost on the campus and can’t ask anyone. The University relies on discipline, but not of the oppressive kind, a subtle inspiring one, where the students will willingly follow the rules, and not because they have to. There are no restrictions on the attire students will wear, but t-shirts specifically are not allowed, at least in the academic zone. Formal attire is much preferable – it will impress the professors, if not anything else.

As mentioned above, the University is a hub of fun blended with education. However, there is a gentle push towards getting a good enough CGPA, which will, in turn, get the students placed in good companies and industries. The University offers a placement guarantee, but it completely depends on your hard work. Now that’s something a student will find appealing – a conducive environment where studies and fun co-exist. The University has established a Career Development Center, which is given the responsibility of handling the students and giving them career counseling. They cover job search, interview preparation, resume writing, recruitment for the students, and plays a vital role in arranging job fairs.

The University has an interesting bunch of clubs that the students can join. This can be either to explore themselves or strengthen their already existing skills. Right from theatres and robotics to entrepreneurship and programming, a new student will surely look forward to getting himself or herself admitted in at least one of these. There is also the presence of Personality Development Schemes, which is compulsory to be joined, at least one of these Schemes. This includes NSS, YRC, NSO, and NCC.

The programs offered by the University are many, but the most famous and most opted for are Architecture, Business Administration, Computer Applications, Science and Engineering, with the percentage-based grading system. The fees of any undergraduate course range from 27,000 to 29,000 INR, and as for Postgraduate courses, 46,000 to 81,000 INR is the approximate bracket.

As for the facilities, Anna University campus offers to its students a proper health center (with free service for students), Post office, Students Amenities Centre – complete with printout facilities, to get those notes in few moments, a laundry service, a recharge shop, swimming pool for the students to chill –, Ladies Gym (also free of cost), Tennis and Basketball Courts, and fields for Football and Cricket. One of the big facilities for the students is ATMs and free wi-fi. These services are available for hostelers 24X7, and the rest, as long as they are on the campus.

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The admission process for all the students is different based on categories. For example, children of NRI parents have to submit different documents as compared to native families. However, the difference drops as soon as you’re a part of Anna University, where everything is based on equality. Let it be known, however, that having studied from any board will not get the students any preferential treatment. You will get more, detailed information about the admission procedure on their official website – or any other related information, for that matter.

Anna University sounds like a dream come true. No wonder students from all around the World come to this college to make a life. It sounds like a great idea, to get enrolled in this ethereal Anna University.

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