An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop – Meaning, Origin, Essay, Short Story

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An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop – Meaning, Origin, Essay, Short Story

Meaning of An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop

An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop : The word “idle” clearly refers to a restful and placid mind which wants everything to be served on the couch and that person is actually good for nothing. When a mind is hushed it becomes lazy and gets notorious, lethargic and full of miserable thoughts, which is not how an enthusiastic and in-gear mind would think. The state of mind of a man reflects his behaviour and intelligence. An idle mind is just a pile of chaff and inoperable where as an active mind is a repository of wisdom and the story of “The lazy Brahmin” proves it.

Explanation An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop {Story of The Lazy Brahmin}

An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop

There once lived a Brahmin very wealthy and renowned in his village. His name was Pandit Purushottam, he was married to Shakuntala. She was very clever and shrewd while Pandit Purushottam was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. The Pandit and Shakuntala had two children Shivansh and Pratigya. The Pandit was a priest in the Vishnu temple and had a very respectful image in the society but he was very lethargic and wanted someone to do all his work so that he can feed and rest whole day. One night he dreamt of Lord Vishnu telling him “Son, I am here to fulfill your one wish. Ask me anything and I will give you except for the elixir of life.”

The priest couldn’t believe that he is actually seeing his deity Lord Vishnu. He immediately asked what he always wished for. He said, “My Lord, My creator, please bless me a boon that someone will do all my work and I can rest and enjoy the delicious feast that my wife cooks every day.”

Lord said “My son, I bless you with a Genie. Tomorrow he will come to your home and you guide him to do your work.” and then Lord disappeared.

Next day the Pandit heard a knock on the door. He rushed to the door and opened it, he saw a pale blue genie floating in the air. He said, “My Lord. I am here to do all your work so that you can rest but I cannot rest for a moment. I will work 24×7 and if I sit idle I will take your life.”

After hearing this, the Brahmin was little scared. Then the genie said, “My king, give me a task to do or I will kill you” the Brahmin told him to wash his clothes then polish his shoes and then to massage him. By doing this he kept the genie busy for a few hours but it was not enough. After completing his job the genie asked the Pandit for other tasks. The pandit was confused and scared so he appointed the spirit to do household work. Shakuntala saw all this and she knew that her husband is in trouble so she comes to his rescue. Once the spirit completed his work Shakuntala ordered him to catch a dog and straighten its tail until it becomes completely straight and if the tail is twisted back then to straighten it again.

After hearing this, the genie went out looking for a dog and he caught one then he straightened its tail but the tail again turned upward so the genie tried again and again but he failed and kept trying.  This way Shakuntala saved the life of pandit and the pandit also learned a lesson. He understood that he should not depend on others for his own job.

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Conclusion speech on ‘An Idle Brain is a Devil’s Workshop’

So, the moral of the story is that if one depends on someone else and keeps themselves idle then they will create dull-witted and obtuse ideas and end up into calamity. Keeping the mind active and functional will give you wisdom and sagacity.

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