An Interesting Journey of Life – Essay, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph

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An Interesting Journey of Life – Essay, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph

The beginning of life (Essay on Life)

Life is the journey we all traverse riding on the train we call Time running on the tracks we call Destiny. And in this journey we meet people, explore, learn and avail experience. My journey began 22 years ago just like any other living flesh on the planet earth when my lungs felt the first breath and my eyes witnessed the first ray of light with my heart pounding and body awaiting my mother’s contact.

With the journey progressing and the train moving, I arrived a station that my parents thought will prove to be benign. Life was going well until that moment knocked my destiny and it was time for me to step foot in the edifice, commonly known as school, which would provide me with the wisdom to survive in the cruel world which appeared very charming and loving to me. And it was also the time when I will be welcoming new people into my life who I will be calling friends and sharing stuff and stories that I would never discuss with my parents, those who I was solely dependent on.

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The realisation

The station, to me, felt very generous and pleasing. The fellow passengers were kind and loving. The journey was beautiful so far. The window close to the seat gave me a glance of beautiful meadows, cows grazing and farmers farming. Days were passing and so my age. The clock at the station had moved 10 years ahead and so had my ability to understand this world too.

An Interesting Journey of Life - Essay, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph
An Interesting Journey of Life – Essay, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph

By this time, my brain had grown smart to understand that the train wouldn’t stop at the station for as long as my life. It will move and run at its full strength and drop me at a destination which won’t be as pleasant as the current. The passengers won’t be generous as of now and the world will be competitive. To survive in the arena I needed a weapon which people usually refer as a profession. I said I was smart but not smart enough and my incapability to opt the weapon that would prove to be my saviour reflected it clearly. But my greatest vigour, both mentally and physically, was still by my side, my parents.

The train was mobile and some new faces have been introduced and they too were struggling to lift their survival tool. But they have added to my companion list. The train kept forward but there were neither meadows nor any cows herding the fields. It was the passengers who kept pushing the journey forward. But the concern for the survival kept knocking my head and stilly the time passed. And now the train was running on the bridge, it gave some bumps few failures but only explain to me that mistakes are permitted only in the practice and not in the battlefield. The journey was preparing me for the wrestling, teaching me to rectify the right armour but destiny desired something else.

The second phase of the journey

Meanwhile, old friends have chosen their way and the train brought me to an unknown station where my combat for the survival unleashed. I left home to build up my future. The station was new the passengers on the station were strangers, my vigour backed me but the battle was mine. It was me to decide the moves further. But with time, I learned that the scene isn’t that new, the passengers at maiden platform were no different from me. A ray of hope enlightened and the inner voice spoke: “Have faith, all will be good”. The new passengers were my new companion, my new friends whom I shared some secrets with; having a faith for those won’t be disclosed.

Life seemed to be merciful again but the struggle continued. It kept reminding me of my target that I had when I left home. Also, via various modes, time guided me that life is all about learning, exploring and experiencing. I finally decided what I had to do in life and booked the ticket for the right station and I arrived, with little hope and little fear about the upcoming that was unseen and unknown. But destiny interrupted again but this time it showed me the right track and handed me the right tool, something I always had but could never identify it, my pen.

The lesson I cognized from Life

Now my goals are clearly visible to me I know the station I need to get the ticket to. And so far in my journey, Life and Time have taught me that people will come in and go from our lives but each of them will definitely teach us a valuable lesson. The graph of life and the ECG are alike, there will always be ups and downs, the straight line only indicates death.

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