Application For Transfer Certificate School, College, Workplace (TC Application)

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Application For Transfer Certificate School, College, Workplace

Introduction (Application for TC)

Somehow in the meanwhile in our life person are needed to take transfers according to their convenience and sometimes it is for some different issues that are mentioned by the candidates and that can be proceeded with the proper format and procedure, sometimes it depends on the growth matter of organization that one wants to transfer procedure, we all have some school change, city change or it can something different like one want to transfer their department according to their need as well as the department aspect, than there are some information and guidance is provided for the following according to your need:

Make sure that your reason is genuine for TC application

If one wants to apply for a transfer then their reason must be genuine is realistic, so they cannot face any adversities for approval of the transfer application. A lot of application is to be submitted for the transfer and many of them are some heartily for the genuine reason, so make sure for it that you are not creating trouble for other application.

You should go with a proper channel

If one wants to apply for the transfer there must be serious advice that person must go with the proper channel and following all the procedures accordingly, no shortcut is to be entertained.

A sincere note before submission

One must give an attention before submitting the application that is must be very precise, and no ornamentation is to be used by the applier of application.

There are all three examples of the sample to the application of the transfer certificate, in all these three above mentioned points:

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Sample 1: Application for Transfer Certificate for Student (TC Application)

The Dean,
College Of Engineering,
Pune, 411005

Subject: Application for the transfer certificate of the branch of Engineering

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

Respectfully I beg to say that I Rituraj Paneshia student of mechanical department of your college, sir I have taken some demo classes in the mechanical class, those classes are very much engrossing, but I just find that I am not very much ebullient for the mechanical engineering, I have much interest in the programming, I just want to technically evolve my knowledge and efforts into the Computer Science and Engineering Department, Therefore I request you to issue me the transfer certificate of my branch designation to the CSE department, I Will be thankful for you.

Yours obediently,
Branch of Engineering:
Roll Number:

Head of Department Signature:

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Sample 2: Application for Transfer Certificate for Workplace Location

The Basic Shiksha Adhikari
Nikunj Primary school
Vadgaon Sheri, Pune

Subject: Transfer certificate of Workplace Location

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I am writing to you for the change of my working location, I am working as an assistant teacher in your school in the department of applied science, I wish to relocate my city to the Nagpur from Pune for the taking care of my mother, in order to apply that is nearer to my location, with this I can provide a best doctor, medicinal treatment as per the need and all other necessities for her as well as I will pay better attention to my work as well and can apply my skill and knowledge for the better manner, as this far location I am not able to do care of my mother and due to that I cannot concentrate on my teaching aspects.

Therefore, I humble request to you please consider my application for transfer certificate for the location; I will be highly overwhelmed to you for this kind favour of mine.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Samarth
Contact: +91 ________
Date: 17 April 2018

Sample 3: Application for Transfer Certificate of School

The Principal:
Goenka Group of Schools
Pimpri, Maharastra
Date: 17 April 2018

Subject: School transfer certificate application

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

With reference to the above subject, I want to bring it to your kind attention my ward is studying in your school for the starting of their schooling. He is a sincere student of the school here since one-year proceedings I just got to know about that my transfer has been done from Pimpri to Mahabaleshwar on the course, and on that note, I just want to transfer the school of my ward. On requesting to your obligation I will be submitted rest of the assignments and projects to that school after the admission procedure, according to your behalf of consideration on standing matter in front of you.

I assure you, after resuming my duties in my department under the defence ministry; I will acknowledge you for the admission of my ward. I shall be obliged for your approval for the transfer certificate application.

Yours Truly,
Pawan Asthana
Contact: 9999999999


All of the three samples help to take a measure of the issuing of transfer certificate application according to the situation of the person, and I just want to sum up the samples as these are the examples of transfer certificate application that provides you with a way to applying whenever one needs to certificate there is three sample in a very precise manner, one can consider the application for transfer certificate.

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