The Beauty of Pacific Ocean: Essay, Article, Paragraph

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The Beauty of Pacific Ocean: Essay, Article, Paragraph

Introduction: An Essay on the Pacific Ocean

Do you love oceans? The scenic view, the meeting point of horizons of land and sky. Nobody can express the beautifulness of that view. The big, deep and emerald marine beauty of the Pacific ocean attracts anyone to hug again and again. Diving, sailing, surfing, swimming and what not. Everything here collectively becomes the best memory for a lifetime. The ocean always makes you feel rejuvenated.

Let us know the Pacific ocean from a little closure. As we know, it is the largest ocean in the world. It covers approximately 60 million sq miles of the surface of the earth. More than 25000 islands are situated like Fiji, Papua, New Guinea, Soloman islands and much more. And no doubt, these many are not just beautiful, it’s stunning as well. It extends from east to west for 16,000 km from the east coast of Asia in the west to the west coast of America in the east and for 14,880 km from north to south between Bering Strait in the north to Cape is [Antartica] in the south. It should be noted that the overall shape of the ocean is triangular if its extent in both the hemispheres is considered separately. The average depth of the Pacific ocean is 4,280m. There are several trenches and deeps in the Pacific ocean. The deepest trench is ‘Mariana trench’ about 11,002m in depth. The interesting fact about the pacific ocean is that it is currently shrinking by 2.5cm or 1 inch per year on its 3 sides. And by contrast, Atlantic ocean is increasing in size.

Countries involved

The Pacific Ocean

The islands within the Pacific ocean are divided into 3 main groups. The first one is Micronesia, which lies north of the equator includes the Mariana islands. Second is Melanesia lies southwest, includes New Guinea [world’s second largest island]. The third one is Polynesia, the largest area which stretches from Hawaii in the north to New Zealand in the south.

The important countries located on the coast of Pacific ocean are the New York City, Philippines, Mexico, California, San Francisco, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Chile, etc.

Islands involved

French Polynesia, comprises more than 100 islands collectively of France in south pacific. Two of its islands are most famous, one is Bora Bora popular for scuba diving and another is Moorea.

Bora Bora island is also known as a romantic island because of its luxury resort destination where some guest bungalows are perched over the water on stilts. Moorea island is known as “the most beautiful island in the world.” Also, it is the most expensive island destination due to its vast beauty.

Fiji Islands is an archipelago[group of the island] of more than 300 islands. The beauty of Fiji island doubles with attractive landscapes beaches and coral reefs. It is composed of 320 volcanic islands with 110 that are actually liveable.


The spectacular scenic beauty of the islands with the best adventures like skiing, trekking, aquatic sports, etc makes the oceans the best place to explore the realm of nature and beauty. Oceans are no stress zone. Nothing on the earth is like the soothing sound of waves going into the shore. Kaizen vision said that “ The ocean gives us an incredible sense of place. We see endlessness, complete possibilities. All of life opens up to us and our vision of what is, and what can be, expands. Nothing appears to be impossible. It’s where mind and spirit soar and cleanse our limited thinking- everything opens up. Time stops, our minds open, a deep sense of release happens- in that massive openness of the ocean.”