Business Report Writing for ESL Students: Tips & Tricks

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Business Report Writing: Tips & Tricks

Business report writing is a specific form representing the relevant information that is used for the creation of business reports. At its core, business report writing is based on the use of several important rules that allow presenting the business information in an understandable and a comfortable way to the reader. As a result, it is required to understand that creating a business report requires not only analytical skills but also an ability to understand how to put the information in a logical and fully descriptive way while maintaining the focus and conciseness. Therefore, business report writing is more about the style and the ability to represent the information.

Business Report Writing for ESL Students: Tips & Tricks

To begin with, it is required to note that business report writing is including several important structural and stylistic aspects. The structural aspects may sound like an obvious thing to understand but, in fact, have their own specifics. To be more detailed on the matter, a structure of business report has to be logical and this approach has a purpose of creating an understandable flow of the information throughout the report. Therefore, the first founding stone of the effective business report writing is a creation of an outline. The prepared outline allows structuring the information in a logical manner as a reader will be able to properly absorb the information while avoiding any mistakes and confusion. To be more specific, it is possible to understand the logical flow through an examination of an actual report. Usually, business reports begin with an introduction that provides a general overview of the report’s contents, the questions raised in the report, methods utilized for the research, main findings, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. Such way of structuring allows the reader to understand the purpose of the report, what did it cover, how did it cover, and its practical usefulness to the reader.

From the stylistic perspective, business report writing is significantly different from the majority of writing styles in a number of ways. The first major stylistic aspect is the fact that the writer has to maintain a formal writing style as the report may and will be inspected by multiple people. The second aspect is the need to balance the use of the specific and professional language in the report. The need is justified by the fact that overburdening a report with complex terms and similar words can make it unreadable. Therefore, it is possible to avoid such mistake by providing an explanation of the terms in the body of the report if it is not possible to avoid them or by placing footnotes with the explanation. Finally, if a report is featuring large amounts of data, it is highly advisable to use various graphic instruments to describe the data, such as graphs. This way, the reader will be able to briefly review the data and analyze it despite its size.

Together, these structural and stylistic tips serve as a solid foundation for the development of the effective business report writing skills. The structural specifics of writing a report are rather common but their use ensures that the report is written in a concise and logical manner. Stylistic specifics, however, are the things that color the report as stylistic details are focusing on making the report understandable and available for different readers.