Can Passport USA & Recruiters Guide Healthcare To A Brighter Future?

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Hiring managers and medical recruitment agencies are seeing similar challenges in the healthcare industry. The prospective pool of talent lacks the qualifications necessary to be readily available for placement.

There is also a significantly high turnover rate with each facility, with the time to find an adequate replacement taking substantial time and effort given the level of competition facing each organization.

While hiring managers are looking for solutions to improve their recruiting techniques, many medical practices and hospitals are reaching out to professionals like Health Carousel for recruitment assistance. Some are turning to the global market of healthcare workers with firms that specialize in that platform like Passport USA, among the leaders in international recruiting.

And many healthcare organizations will use all three methods to enhance their efforts in developing a sustainable team. There appear to be more challenges than solutions in finding sufficient workers, but the outlook for that to improve any time soon is grim.

How can you stay ahead of the difficulties with the possibility of a better outcome? Try these tips.

How Can Healthcare Hiring Managers And Recruiters Bring a Better Outcome

While the healthcare industry is seeing a grim future outlook with filling staffing positions, the medical organizations are not giving up hope that they can reestablish their teams and offer the patient satisfaction they’re meant to provide.

Many hiring managers are looking for ways to enhance their recruiting efforts to recognize stable, qualified, quality talent while these individuals are also employing local and international staffing agencies to supplement their efforts.

When working with businesses like Health Carousel and Passport USA, the goal is to ensure the people brought into the facility are sustainable, readily available, and trainable.

No one wants to present their patients with incapable staff. What can you do as the hiring manager to improve your recruiting efforts? Check out a few key tips.

Update the job descriptions across the board

If you’re not receiving answers based on your current job descriptions or the replies are not up to par, the details are dated. Hiring managers will often hold onto templates that are repeatedly used yearly.

There is a failure to recognize they are evolving these positions constantly while the templates become obsolete. These effectively discourage candidates who would otherwise suit the situation, but the description has become prohibitive. Read reasons there are shortages in specific medical occupations here.

In order to make a company-wide change, all department heads will need to mull over each job description to overhaul them, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to “DEI” or “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and its encouragement of professional development.

The vital aspect is ensuring to highlight the company’s positives. With these steps, you can optimize your applicant pool, particularly if the ads are posted on standard boards but also niche specific.

Ensure the benefits package, and salary offerings are competitive

Offering a competitive benefit and salary package is mandatory if you hope to attract talent away from other organizations in the industry. The suggestion is to use “an automated tool for salary calculation.”

These tend to be based on the geographic location and the hired position, allowing an adequate range gauge. You can also gain guidance from the “US Bureau of Labor Statistics” for varied healthcare profession wages.

Some benefits many medical professionals seek when searching for a sustainable position include:

  1. Tuition reimbursement and a schedule that allows time for continuing education
  2. Retirement plans
  3. “Paid time off” or “PTO” employees can use for volunteering, research, and educational purposes, also referenced as “sabbaticals.”
  4. Bonuses for sign-on and retention
  5. Health, life, vision, dental, and malpractice insurances

Reach out for assistance from recruiters

When the hiring manager is responsible for weeding through the mounds of resumes that come through in response to the postings for positions, it can become overwhelming and challenging for the team to narrow down the candidates to a manageable few, matching the necessary criteria plus fulfilling the need for a sustainable employee.

Many medical organizations are turning to healthcare staffing agencies. Some look at international hiring practices using agencies like Passport USA, a leader in matching professionals abroad with healthcare practices in the US.

These professional staffing companies make the recruitment process much more straightforward for a medical organization by sifting and narrowing down for the hiring manager, only presenting those who deem viable options. From that point, the interview and potential onboarding process can start.

Final Thought

Where the healthcare hiring process requires a team headed by the hiring manager inside the medical organization, it’s now vital to partner with a healthcare staffing agency and consider the option of international hiring with a leader in the industry like Passport USA.

The goal is not just bringing talent on board anymore; it’s ensuring these new staff members are sustainable for the long term.