College Life: Essay, Short Note, Farewell Speech

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College Life: Essay, Short Note, Farewell Speech

Introduction (Essay on College Life)

“Quoting last words to every bunch leaving this place has always been the toughest job of my life. When you all came, all I could see was a raw lot, walking on the anonymous paths with no clue of their twirling tails. Today, I can see a sparkle in your eyes with which the world will be burning soon. Today, I can see every one of you, standing at some point, achieving all the success you deserve and becoming the person you indeed have always wished to. All I want to say to you is every day brings a new start and every end comes with a new beginning, so never lose hopes and keep working!” The last words which I heard from my college principal yet echo in my brain. Farewell speeches are basically the entire flashback in a minute. Hearing one, a mixture of emotions- happiness of sharing the bond of togetherness, sorrow for not meeting the bundle again, the excitement of new life which is yet to be explored- all in once drowns upon a person.

Going down the lane

Tears in the eyes, smile on the face, hands embracing their partner’s, chanting their rhymes for the last time, and that’s how everyone leaves their phase and enters into the one which we left. But the sad part about life is that it moves on, and thus we moved on. Moments fleet in time but the memories we create is something which we can cherish over and over again. Memories, in which we relive the moments again and remember until our last breath. And those days yet brighten our face, the college days!

The first day of college, stepping into the world of unknowns, being conscious about your presentation and thinking multiple times before you blurt, that’s how the journey of surprises begins.

College encountered everything from bunking lectures, deceiving teachers, cheating in the exams, gossiping about seniors, ragging juniors to feeding them in the canteen, breaking records of being late, passing comments, judging people with friends and hovering in corridors. College was for everything but studies. It is all about friends, fests, committees, associations, annual meets, those days ranging from rose day, chocolate day to traditional day, retro day and group day.

The irony

It is perplexing how people who you found it hard to introduce yourself became the best of your friends during the journey. You question yourself for bullying those who actually cared for you. The euphoria of moments gives you goosebumps. Remembering your names carved on the benches gives you the nostalgia. The memories suddenly become your kingdom and you turn out to be the king. You think about those books which you actually never touched.

College is that milestone in our journey which teaches us the way to lead life. Students step in as a kid and leave as a man. These are the days of fun where one learns the life lessons unknowingly. As we step out of those doors, we realize the worth of time, money, words and people. Standing at the stage where you have achieved all you wanted to in life, and when you look back to the time which you had spent nourishing yourself to be at the stage where you currently are could be mesmerizing as you see yourself growing. Those silly arguments which you picked earlier, now seem pointless. Those unwanted outbursts could no longer be justified. Those cranky conversations which made no sense are heard no more. Those imbecile demands turn out to be worthless today. This is what college life is all about. We make mistakes, look back in time, laugh upon them and move forward.

Conclusion and Farewell speech for College Life

College teaches every individual a lesson which he/she never forgets. Whatever may happen in life, may the worst come to you, you should never stop. People change and so do time. You shall always look forward and do your part the best and karma will pay you back. The farewell day was a day of realization for every being that it’s the time to grow up and become mature. It was the day of saying a goodbye.

“I bid a warming bye,
With swollen eyes,
Packing my case with sigh,
Where the secrets of college lie.”

And that’s how it ended, the farewell speech and the college days.