Cow – Essay, Paragraph, Speech, Article, Short Note

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Cow – Essay, Paragraph, Speech, Article, Short Note

Introduction (Essay on Cow)

Cow is one of the sacred animals of India domesticated in many Indian homes especially in villages. It is a major food source in India. The milk of the cow is used to make various food items including milk sweets, paneer, butter, ghee, curd and other sweet dishes. It is referred as Mother by the Hindu community of India and people call her ‘Gau Mata’.

Cow – Essay, Paragraph, Speech, Article, Short Note
Cow – Essay, Paragraph, Speech, Article, Short Note


Cows are not very difficult from other animals in appearance. They have four legs, two ears, two eyes, one nose, a long tail and a big body. They are available in various breeds viz. Shaiwal, Gir, Nimari, Nagori, Bachaur, Mewati etc. They are of several colours, shape and size. They give milk two times a day except for some who offer milk three times a day.

They consume grass, hay, fodder and chaff. When there is no grass available the cows live on straw and gram. Cows’ eating process is very different. They don’t chew the food immediately as they get them in the mouth. They swallow the food then sit down and they recall the food in the mouth and chew it up.

Cows’ milk

Cow milk is used for anointment in temples by the Hindus. Cows’ milk is enriched with vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, essential minerals and Calcium. The calcium content and minerals in the cow milk add up to the bone density and the protein requirement. It helps to maintain metabolism and balance the sugar level in the human body.

The milk is blessed to cure diabetes and improve heart health. The milk contains Omega-3 fat and Omega-3 fatty acids are a good form of cholesterol in the body. It is also capable of curing cancer and coronary heart diseases.

Children hate drinking milk and parents insist on feeding them milk because it contains the right amount of protein. Regular consumption of milk promotes natural growth of the body, adds immunity and renders energy that children need in early age. The natural energy drink boosts physical and mental strength and kills chronic illness.

Cows’ urine (Gau Mutra)

Hindus consider cows’ urine holy and it has a special significance as a medical drink. It is believed that sprinkling cow’s urine can cleanse one spiritually. Ayurved claims Gau Mutra to be a great curing agent. In Ayurved, it believed that Gau Mutra possesses the ability to cure life taking diseases like cancer, TB and leprosy. A mixture of cow’s urine, Triphala and cow’s milk can heal Anaemia.

Many countries like Nigeria, Myanmar use cow’s urine for medicinal purposes too. The cow urine is also used as a disinfectant for floor cleaning. It is also used as manure for production of rice. A fertilizer is made from a mixture of jaggery, cow dung, pulse flour, cow urine and rhizosphere soil. A biopesticide is made by boiling a mixture of custard apple leaves, neem leaves and cow pee.

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Cow dung (Gobar)

Women in Indian villages make dung cake by patting the cow dung on the walls. The dunk cakes are later used as fuels for cooking. Cow dung is considered very pure which is why Indians in village wipe their house with cow dung. It is also one of the best forms of natural fertilizer.

The dung is applied for soil enrichment as an age-old agricultural practice. But the practice is lost with the introduction of artificial pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Conclusion – Short note on Cow

The cow has manifold benefits for the humans but there have been numerous debates regarding the consumption of cow milk, cow urine and application of cow dung. But whatever may be the reason for the debate the truth is that cow has been beneficial for ages it will always be there for the cause.

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