Digital India- Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

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Digital India is an initiative or a campaign by the Government of India in order to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. The main objective of the government was to make all the services of the government electronically available by enhancing the internet connectivity and the online infrastructure to the citizens of India.

Digital India initiative was launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015 and the project is aimed to be completed by 2019. This initiative also includes connecting all the rural areas with high-speed internet networks. The initiative also focuses on reducing the paperwork. Digital India program will benefit both, service providers as well as the consumers. The monitoring of this project will be done by the Prime Minister himself. This project is been headed and planned by the ministry of communications and information technology.

Digital India- Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph
Digital India- Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

Digital India Programme includes three main key vision areas and that is:

#1. Development of secure and stable Digital Infrastructure: If implemented properly, this project will be a golden opportunity for our country. The main aim of government is to provide fast and high-speed internet connections and whose utility will last long, unique and it would be safe and will also provide authenticity to its citizens. It also focuses on to provide a stable digital infrastructure and easy access to any online services.

#2. Delivering government services digitally: Digital India Programme also focuses on to provide all the services of the government to the citizens digitally. Digitally provided services will promote and motivate the people to do more and more online services and transactions that too easy, electronic and cashless.

#3. Universal Digital Literacy: Digital empowerment of Indian citizens will surely make possible of digital literacy through universally acceptable digital resources. It will also offer an advantage to the people to submit all the documents online and not physically by going to schools, colleges, and other government organizations.

Digital India Programme or initiative aims to the following:

  • To provide more and more Information Technology jobs to the people.
  • To make all the information available online.
  • To provide high-speed internet connections to the rural areas.
  • To ensure the broadband highways.
  • To make access to mobile phones universally.
  • Reforming all the work of government digital and hence providing e-Governance.
  • By delivering electronic services, its aim is to bring e-Kranti.
Digital India- Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph
Digital India- Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

Services Provided under Digital India:

Digital India campaign is a great initiative taken by the Government of India and hence it focuses on to providing various services for the betterment of our citizens and also the country. It provides services such as submitting all the documents online, e-education for distant learning for students, national scholarship portals, e-health for health checkups and other information related to health. DigiLocker facility provides citizen of India to keep their important documents safe and secure digitally and provide an access of each individual. The e-sign facility will help the citizens to sign digitally on any document by doing the authentication of their Aadhar Cards. All these services will help the people of our country in numerous ways. One of the main service or aim of the government is to switch over all the cashless transactions that are to pay using the internet and mobile banking.


The initiative of the Government of India in order to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy is an amazing initiative. The initiative to transform all government services is also good. If the government of India is successful in implementing all the policies of Digital India campaign properly then it will provide a high pace growth to our economy as it focuses on to provide high-speed internet facility, broadband highways, information technology jobs, all the information available online, switch over to cashless transactions and use of mobile phones universally.

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