Diwali- My Favorite Festival (Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph)

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Diwali- My Favourite Festival (Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph)

Essay on Diwali

India is the country which celebrates many festivals. According to Hindu calendar, there is a festival in all months. There are different festivals for different religions. All the people celebrate their festivals according to their own culture and tradition. Β Diwali is also known as Deepawali is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus in India. Diwali is the festival of lights. On this day, you will only see lights everywhere. This day is very auspicious and is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. The festival majorly falls in the month of October or November by English calendar and in the month o Kartik according to Hindu calendar.

Diwali- My Favorite Festival (Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph)
Diwali- My Favorite Festival (Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph)

This festival is celebrated as a mark of victory of Lord Rama over the devil Ravana and his return to Ayodhya after the exile of 14 years. Diwali festival is the symbol of victory of goods over the evils.

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Celebration of Diwali

Diwali is my favorite festival because on this day whole India is covered up with lights and we enjoy a lot by burning firecrackers, eating sweets and wearing new clothes.

We light candles, lamps, and diyas in our homes. All the streets, shops, markets are decorated with lights. On this day, we all worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. The preparation for the celebration of this festival starts a month ago. We all clean our houses so that goddess Lakshmi comes to our house and provide our family good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.

Diwali- My Favorite Festival
Diwali- My Favorite Festival

We all buy new clothes and wear on the day of this auspicious festival. We all buy firecrackers to burn in the night and enjoy with the family. We all eat a lot of sweets and delicious food at the night on the day of the festival. We all distribute sweets and Diwali gifts to each other. During the fireworks the scene of the sky is splendid. It looks so beautiful. We also make rangolis on the day of Diwali at the entrance of our houses and decorate our houses and shops in the best possible ways.

Diwali festival is basically a five days celebration. The five days of Diwali festival includes:

#1. Dhanteras: The first day of the celebration of Diwali festival is known as Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi. On this day people buy utensils, gold and silver product as it is believed that purchasing these products on this special day may prosper our lives.

#2. Naraka Chaturdashi: The second day is also known as Choti Diwali. This day is celebrated by taking a bath with oil and applying kumkum on the forehead and worshiping Goddess Kaali and also worshiping Lord Krishna as he killed the demon Narkasur.

#3. Diwali: The third day is itself Diwali and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by worshiping Lord Ganesha and Lord Lakshmi for prospering life and also distributing sweets to friends and family.

#4. Govardhan Puja: On this day Lord Krishna is worshiped. The people make Govardhan with the cow dung at their doorsteps and worship.

#5. Bhai Dooj: this day is celebrated by the brothers and sister. On this day, sisters apply kumkum of Kesar on the forehead of their brothers and brothers give sisters gifts and promise them to take care of them.

Diwali- My Favorite Festival (Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph)
Diwali- My Favorite Festival (Essay, Speech, Article, Short Note, Paragraph)

Conclusion (Speech on Diwali)

Diwali is my favorite festival as there are lights across every house, shop, street, and the city which I love the most. I love burning crackers with my family. Eating and distributing sweets improves the relationship with relatives and friends. I love wearing new clothes on this auspicious festival. Diwali is also my favorite festival as it also signifies the victory of good over the evil.

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