Essay on My Home: Essay, Speech, Short Note and Article

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Essay on My Home: An Essay, Speech and Article

Introduction: Essay on Home

A cage of four walls and roof is what it all takes to make a house, but the people living inside it make that place a home. The family knit the bond shared by the members with love, care and affection to turn the dead reminisces into a home. Since generations, our elders follow what the traditional ideologies state. Indian culture affirms that a person’s home is his/her temple, church or mosque. They are the holy places and are sacred because of the existence of the almighty. Similarly, our parents, grandparents, children and siblings are the god we believe in, who purifies our heart and mind by creating the magic of their love.

Essay on My Home: An Essay, Speech and Article
Essay on My Home: An Essay, Speech and Article

My family- Speech on My Sweet Home

A protective mother, possessive father, loving grandparents, annoying brother and a supporting sister completes my home. The person who prays for me when I am not home is my mother. The person who scolds me for being late is my father. The people who try to save me from the bitter words of my parents are my grandparents. And the people who lit the fire by spicing up the stuffs are my siblings. A home is basically incomplete without each one of them. They play an important and permanent role in making my life glamorous.

My family is my world and I am their little star whom they wish forever to shine. They encourage my work, make me strong, hold me at times, and stop me when I am wrong. They make me tough enough to fight against the odds and face the cruel world unknown to me. Their trust and support are the solutions to my problems. A mother’s smile heals our wounds, a father’s words build us strong and our grandparents’ affection make us believe in love. They are the dome to our life which protects us from the emotional and physical casualties.

Home is our mansion which we leave with an urge to return back. Any usual day starts with a sweet alarm my mom, unveiling the sun and letting the shine in. The smile of my grandparents thrust me with energy to sustain through the day. When I return back to my home, roasted by boss, finishing piles and loads of work, I find a starving mom and waiting father. All the stress drains out when I talk to them. They comfort me to let my heart out.

Home is all about celebrating festive seasons, decorating a house with the colors of Holi and lights of Diwali. There is a different kind of happiness amongst everybody during festive than the usual days. They bring freshness, giving a break from the routine and leave a buddle of memories which are to be cherished for the lifetime. The chaotic laughter of the dining room, intense discussions of the living hall and whirling smell of kitchen forces a person to never leave his/her house. There are experiences shared by them, some good to ignite hope and some bad leading to the path of truth. They introduce us to that phase where we learn and implement lessons of life.

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The family is not just a word, rather a blend of emotions. They are the set of people who stand by your side in your sorrow, pain, happiness, success, and failure. They are the motivation of your life that will never leave your hand no matter worst comes. No matter how huge the problems are, when your family stands by your side every blunder seems small when compared to them. In return, all that they demand is truth and responsibility. Family is that blessing who pours their happiness and extracts our sorrow.