Essay on Fashion | Speech on Fashion | Fashion Cycle

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Essay on Fashion | Speech on Fashion | Fashion Cycle

Essay on Fashion

Fashion is the area of activity that involves the style of clothing and appearance. It is the most immediate intimate form of self-expression. In today’s world, everyone thought that fashion only means to show glamour or the urge to follow current trends. In some societies, fashion and clothing may be used to indicate rank or status.  It is not an individual choice but is a group choice where change is a constant factor e.g. changes in style, accessories, colors etc. There has to be a right balance between being fashionable and what is good that suits the consumer. The way one carries oneself, wearing a hand-loom sari, putting on high heeled shoes, having bobbed hair, using body art for adornment, accessorization, are all examples of fashion.

Fashion is an interface where it protects the human body from the impact of the physical environment e.g. using clothing for the purposes of physical protection against weather – hot, cold or rainy, protection from getting hurt, fire and insect bites. Fashion can also protect the wearer from psychological harm. Individuals may wear charms, amulets, or other lucky dress items to ward off evil spirits or to bring about good fortune which implies social power.


It is more than a profitable industry that employs large numbers of people globally and runs economies. It is taken as a visual symbol of society’s character and it is difficult to ignore.  Sometimes it is a political or social movement which starts a fashion as the wearing of Khadi in modern India. This is the age of fashion, which relates to not only the attire but also the way one speaks, behaves, decorate our houses and our lifestyle in general.  There are various areas of life that fashion influences especially the socio economic part. It plays an important role in establishing identity, beliefs, and thoughts throughout the world. Fashion radiates generally from the higher class and in some cases from the lower segment of society.

There are various types of fashion like Fad Fashion, Classic Fashion, and Custom fashion. Fad fashion is a short lived fashion which stays only for a little time. Classic fashion is an evergreen fashion of clothing like saree, suits and trouser shirts. Custom fashion is a fashion garment which is made in order for the individual customer.

What is Fashion Cycle?

Fashion Cycle: Fashion cycle has 5 stages. It is the amount of time which takes a fashion to emerge, peak and fall out of the style. It starts and is highly accepted after a great popularity. The second stage starts as the style adopted by magazines in mass media. Fashion cycle has no specific major period.


An introduction to a new style: The designers introduce their creative dresses and accessories and then they offer to the public. Designers create a new style by changing elements like shade, line, color, fabric.

The rise in popularity: If a new design purchase won’t be seen by many people, it may attract the attention of the buyer, press, and public. In this stage, the designer has a second chance to sell the products and designs at lower prices, so that they can sell their products and design in great quantity.

Peak: When a fashion is at the highest of its popularity it may be in such demands that many shopkeepers and manufacturers copy the design and sell at many price level.

Decline: So many copies are mass produced that fashion conscious people are tired of that style, begin to look something new. Consumers still wear garments in that style but they are no longer willing to buy them, that’s why the retailers sell them at lower prices on the sale.

Rejection: In the last stage some consumers have already turned to a new look. Thus, new style starts. The rejection happened just because the fashion is totally out from the market.

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