Father – Essay, Speech, Article, IELTS Cue Card, Short Note (My Favourite Person)

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Father – Essay, Speech, Article, IELTS Cue Card, Short Note (My Favourite Person)

Introduction (Essay on Father – A person whom I like most)

A son’s superhero, a daughter’s first love; fathers are unequivocally the most important person in an individual’s life. Apart from facilitating the smooth running of their family, they make sure they do it with utmost love and endearment. It is their warmth and devotion and the avidity with which they shape the lives of their children that helps them stand tall in life. From teaching them how to speak to running after their bicycle preventing their fall, to sharing their wisdom and being a teacher of greater things in life; the role of a father is prodigious.

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”
-Antoine Francois Prevost

Significance of fatherhood (Importance of Father)

The presence of a father in an individual’s life is indispensable. His role is more than just paying the bills and facilitating other services. Having someone to run to in order to seek protection to getting to know about worldliness from their own valuable experiences, the man of the family has a paramount role to play. The lessons they teach and the way they make their children inculcate certain values are hard to be done by anybody else.

A father, even though, is not the one who carries the child in his womb, but instead, does a lot more. His engaging involvement in the raising of his children is what counts, something that is done in a way a mother can’t. Not only showering love on his children but also maintaining a captivating relationship with the mother is an equally important aspect, as it reflects upon the positive and happy atmosphere that is created in the household.

The mother is the better elucidator of emotions. Fathers, on the other hand, are the pillar of strength and always have a practical approach towards everything. They may not express it that well, but the various roles they play in our everyday life unknowingly include being a teacher, a protector, a companion, a mentor and much more.

Role of fathers in our lives

Every child needs and deserves an involved and loving father. From teaching us how to change tires in the garage to letting us climb upon those never-ending piggybacks, he is the ultimate epitome of physical strength and bravery. He is also our number one supporter in anything and everything we wish to pursue; be it a sport or any other activity, he will always be found cheering in the first row, loving us even more if we lose. He is the one who will sit beside us when we first learn to drive a car and help us keep secrets and not disclose them to mom, tightening the bond more than anything. Spoiling us with extra pocket money from time to time, he also works hard towards making us strong and independent beings, teaching us how to take care of ourselves and deal with things when he is not around.

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Conclusion – Speech on Father

The place of a father, indubitably, is irreplaceable. Being up nights just to make sure we sleep peacefully, his presence lights our life up like anything and is the most prized possession of all. It is him who will scold us and make us hate him at times, but it is him who will make it up to us later and make us realize how he did it for our own betterment. Loving us at our best and lending us a hand in our worst, the best we can do in return for this treasured bond and reverence is make efforts and constant endeavors to make our fathers proud each day, letting them know it was all worth it.

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