Freedom : Essay, Speech, Article, Short Notes

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Freedom : Essay, Speech, Article, Short Notes

Introduction to freedom

Freedom is a very broad subject and it is of very high importance for every individual or group across the globe, with no exceptions. The word “freedom” comes from an Old English word, “frēodōm”. According to the dictionary, it can be articulated as follows:

“The power or right to think, speak and act according to will.”

“The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.”

Everyone has some notion and understanding of the word “freedom” however, often we view it from a narrow perspective and we preach and act accordingly. For example, the word “freedom” may remind you of “freedom of speech” or “freedom to choose”.

Recognition in history

Freedom : Essay, Speech, Article, Short Notes
Freedom : Essay, Speech, Article, Short Notes

The word “freedom” was used most during the 50s, a period marked by colonization, human slavery, and world war. It was in those difficult times that the people realized the true value of freedom. Many prominent writers and authors began expressing their views through journals and other writings. Gender equality and equal rights for women were also linked with the notion of “freedom to choose”. That era is in stark contrast to this modern age where freedom is so common and every-day thing that the people don’t even imagine or realize its significance. Back in the day freedom was cherished by people across the globe.

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Modern day Issues

Coming to the present day world, it isn’t hard to realize that it is not the lack of freedom that is a cause of worry rather, it is the excess of freedom that is causing problems in society. Freedom, instead of being a glimmer of hope and prosperity, has become a tool and a means to damage society. What we see today is the abuse of freedom that was earned at the cost of millions of human lives and their life long struggles. The world has become so accustomed to it that everyone takes freedom for granted and as the world moves towards more technological advancements and decentralized structure, it is becoming increasingly difficult to regulate the society as a whole. It must always be kept in mind that society without regulation is not sustainable and it cannot survive the tides of time.

To provide more substance to the above statements consider how many people are suffering and losing their lives across the globe even in this so called peace time. When we compare the present situation with that of World War era, there are striking similarities among the two. In that sense present situation is even grimmer as more people are suffering now (in peace time) than they ever did during the wars, be it through poverty, hunger, disease or terrorist attacks.


Our present society is giving unprecedented freedom to everyone including kids and the problem is, they don’t know what to do with it. With lack of enough parental guidance today’s kids and youths are falling prey to social insecurity, loneliness, lack of empathy and depression. As a result, we come across incidents like school shootings and suicides with kids and adolescents being on the wrong side of the law.


A serious introspection is the need of the hour. We need to remind ourselves that with freedom comes with responsibility. Future generation requires guidance from the older generation. We can already see the impact of lack of elder’s support on kids. Excess of anything is bad. Freedom, even though it is important, it can never be absolute. Everything needs to have a limit and freedom is no exception to that rule. While it is good that current generation kids and youths have all the freedom they aspire for, they should also be taught to be responsible so that they too could contribute towards the betterment of our society and live a fulfilling life.