Freedom of Speech: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Short Note

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Freedom of Speech: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Short Note

Introduction (Essay on Freedom of Speech)

Freedom of speech is basic rights of the citizens of almost all the countries across the globe. Numerous countries around the world allow freedom of speech to its citizens to permit them to share their ideas and perspective.  It allows the citizen inhabit in those countries to speak their mind without the terror of being punished by the law. India and some countries governments give freedom of speech to their citizens because of these countries with a democratic government. There are more fundamental rights to give the citizen of India by the Indian constitution that includes freedom to movement, freedom to the establishment, freedom to speech and expression, freedom to form association and groups, protection in arrest in some cases.

Origination of Freedom of Speech

The Conceptualization of Freedom to speech came from years back.  England’s Bill of Rights 1689 judicially organized the constitutional right of ‘freedom of speech in Parliament’ which is still in consequences. The Universal announcement of Human Rights that was appointed in the year 1948 also states that people should have the freedom to express their views and perspective. Freedom of Speech and Expression has now made a part of the international and regional human rights law.

Freedom of Speech: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Short Note
Freedom of Speech: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Short Note

Freedom of Speech in India

The constitution of India serves freedom to speech to every citizen but with some restriction. That means every citizen have right to express their views in front of all about others like government, political system, policies, and bureaucracy. But speech can be restricted to security, moral ground, and provocation.  Under the constitution of Freedom of speech, the people of India have following rights:-

  • Freedom to speak and communicate views and perspective freely.
  • Freedom to gather calmly without any arms and ammunition.
  • Freedom to walk in country freely.
  • Freedom to establish in any area of the country.
  • Freedom to involve in any profession.
  • Freedom to make organization, association, and groups.

Countries which do not have freedom of speech

Syria: The government of Syria is well known for its reign of terror. Citizen of Syria is poor of their fundamental human right that is the right to Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Iran: The people of Iran are not familiar how to express their views and share their ideas in front of the public. No one can express any type discontentment against the public laws or Islamic standards.

Libya: Most citizens in Libya country do not aware as to what Freedom of Speech and Expression really is. The government of Libya is known for abusing its citizens. In the age of the internet, citizens of another country free to express their opinions on any topic but not in Libya. Many citizens in the country have been arrested for disparage the government on the internet.

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Disadvantages of Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the better way to contribute the views and share opinions in front of society. There are some disadvantages attached to it, some people misuse this freedom. They just do not express their views but they are forcing them too. Some news such as that related to the activities of different religious groups has even given rise to religious riots in the past. This damage the peace and harmony of the society.

The Internet has disagreed freedom of Speech and Expression. The social media is the main platform for this argument. Citizens these days are keen to express their views on everything whether they have information about the same or not. They give hateful comments without knowing if hurting someone’s feeling. This can be termed as misuse of Freedom of Speech and must be stopped.

Conclusion on Speech on Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech empowers the citizen to share views and thoughts. Every country should have the freedom to speech rights and it must be defined clearly by making groups, organizations and giving one lecture to schools, colleges, and companies. So that it helps in brings positive change in the individual as well as society and do not disturb normal functioning.