Health and Fitness – Essay, Importance, Health Tips, Speech

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Health and Fitness – Essay, Importance, Health tips, Speech

Introduction (Essay on Health and Fitness)

Since our childhood, we have been taught Health is Wealth. A good health is a fuel for carrying out our day-to-day routine. When we talk about a healthy body we often concern about the physical fitness and we ignore our mind. Mental fitness is as essential as the physical fitness. But in the hectic schedule of the 21st century, we have become machines but we ignore the lubrication of our system.

Importance of Staying Healthy

A human system can only be harnessed to its fullest if it is eligible to carry out all the tasks in a day. One should take good care of their health otherwise the body only becomes a living flesh that depends on the help of others. An unhealthy state of a human cannot be defined as only having a cold and cough or fever but it is also counted for unhealthy if the body is obese, diabetic or has some pain certain parts of the body, for example, joint pains.

Health and Fitness - Essay, Importance, Health Tips, Speech
Health and Fitness – Essay, Importance, Health Tips, Speech

A body with excess fat makes the body bulky and look like a bean bag and it becomes arduous for the person to move. For every small task of life from lifting a glass of water to feeding the stomach, from moving to walking, the bulky meat has to rely on a helping hand. It cannot do anything on its own because the unnecessary fat and cholesterol don’t show a green signal to the body.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside” – Robert Urich

It is said that a sound mind builds a balanced body. It means that a blissful mind can lead a happy body and a fruitful day to yield a positive outcome. The best way to stay fit is to be healthy by mind first. Even doctors say that having positive thinking and behavior keeps the mind happy. If the mind is lethargic, the body will be nostalgic. Overthinking can lead to a headache, hair fall, anxiety and in some cases depression too. But the sad thing to see is that even after being aware of the aftermath people fall for the trap and end up ruining every darling moment of the life.

Where is the root?

Well, there isn’t just one factor that is accountable for the staggering health and fitness graph. But the major reason is the habit and living style of people. A human body only needs 20 gm fat per day. The consumption of just a regular pizza adds 10 grams of fat to the human body; a whopper burger blesses you with 13 gm fat and 100 gm French fries promote 15 gm fat to your body.

All the junk foods are magnets that charm the taste loving tongue strongly. People are concerned about filling their stomach rather than considering what they are eating and its effect on their health and body. People happily pay ₹199 for a medium pizza at Dominos or a zinger meal at KFC but they can’t afford to buy fruits and juices that would add stamina to their body.

Health and fitness tips

The first step towards doing any task is to have a strong willpower, hygiene and sanitation. Maintaining cleanliness and keeping the food in a neat environment is the basic requirement for maintaining fitness. Also, regularly cleaning the house and utensils is incumbent to keep flies and insects away which is a big concern in India. Flies are very common in every Indian home or restaurants that contaminate the foods and make us prone to diseases.


Eating fresh vegetables, fruits, consuming fruit juice, fruit salad and boiled food will help to gain physical fitness. Avoiding fried, spicy and oily food is a great move towards a stable health. Ignore junk foods like pizza, burger, soft drinks such as coke and other sugar waters that will give you nothing more than joint pain and diabetes. Even avoid drinking refrigerator water because they highly impact our lungs, throat and teeth rather consume normal water or pot water, it is cool as well as healthy. Regularly practice basic exercise viz. stretching, walking, running and yoga.

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Let’s not forget about the commanding unit of our body, yes you get it right, our brain. Meditation is the best exercise for the brain. Besides, a barefoot walk in the fresh air early morning on the grass would help the mind refresh and heal the eyes too. Mental stability is very important for an active body. Being social, communicating with people helps reduce the stress level and lowers the risk of depression. Besides, taking a decent sleep every day is very important otherwise the brain loses its stamina and functioning capacity.

One more mistake that people do often is rushing to the pharmacy even for small problems like a headache and running nose. But doctors say that consumption of too much medicine makes the body more vulnerable.

Conclusion on Speech on Health and Fitness 

We live in a world where we value things more than people, work more than family, food more than health and status more than life. We rush after work, money and social status and we forget that we have a life too to take care of. This absurd attitude has ruined our lives and it will continue to do so unless we open up our eyes and see the reality.

“Happiness is the highest form of health” – Dalai Lama

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