Home Culture and College: Essay, Paragraph, Article, Speech

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Home Culture vs College: Essay, Paragraph, Article, Speech

Introduction [Essay on College Culture]

What is a dream that is common between each and every individual studying in high school? The urge of getting into a good college. A college that will make life easy for them in future, which they and more importantly their ‘parents’ can proudly say they got into and whose memories will be so heart-warming that they get teary-eyed each time they think of it. But ultimately the day does come when reality strikes and hits hard. Home is left far away and life moves on to open the doors of a new life.

Letting go comforts

Starting a new life in a new city, amidst strangers, put in the middle of four walls which no matter how hard you try to make yourself believe is your new home, does not feel like home, can be an extremely psychologically straining experience. Being at home, we do not realize but we get so accustomed to our comforts that we feel that they are the bare necessities of life and not the luxuries that our parents are kind enough to bestow upon us. From waking up in the morning till sleeping in the night (if you’re lucky enough), everything depends on our own selves.

While at home, we sure have to look after our academics but that’s it. That’s all we’re needed to do when we’re at home. In college, the tables turn. It’s not only academics that’s our responsibility but also managing each and every aspect of our life. Washing, ironing, dusting, cleaning, keeping the room clean and above all of it – food! Food is something close to each and every human being’s heart, furnishing a plan so it can be closer to your stomach as well is the tough part in college. You cry and cry for home food and then when you order outside food spending the measly pocket money you have left with you also doesn’t provide you with a fraction of satisfaction mom’s Rajma Chawal or for that matter any dish gave you.  So as a freshman when you try to cope with the cyclone of college stress, assignments, distance from loved ones, empty stomach and tests moving continuously in a circle around you, the fact that you still have to wash your clothes so as to have something to wear to college or otherwise you won’t even be in a position to whine about it all, doesn’t seem like something you may want to deal with at this juxtaposition of life.

Home Culture and College: Essay, Paragraph, Article, Speech
Home Culture and College: Essay, Paragraph, Article, Speech

At home, everything is beautifully managed. Food is served hot, the bed is made every day when you return home and yes, clothes magically appear in your cupboard all crispy clean. While in college, you yourself need to manage everything so as to then be able to even think about tests, assignments, projects, exams and what not.

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The adulting phase

Yes, college life is tough. Yes, it tries to suck out each and every ounce of energy, will, and motivation to work left in you. You cry most of the nights pleading to return home to the comforts and ease. But this is what the test is. This is, what creates that difference between you and a high schooler. And prepares you for what actually is life. Celebrating your 18th birthday is not being an adult. Waking up in the morning on your own on time, attending classes, submitting loads and loads of assignments on time and after it all having a clean cupboard and a clean bed to sleep on is. We all desire the snuggly blanket that is still there, folded neatly and kept on our bed but leaving it and moving on is what being an adult is and college is what helps you do it.

Conclusion on Speech on Home Culture vs College Culture

The way we behave at home and at college is like two different poles apart. However, both these cultures have their own pros and cons and their own specialty. What we need to realize is that we should, at a point, stop trying to blend the two. We need to be able to tune our behavior according to every environment and that would be our greatest strength at the end of the day.

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