How to Apply As an English Teacher in Chile?

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Chile offers opportunities for international teachers wanting to teach English in their country. If you want to have an idea of how to apply in Chile, check out the article below:

How to Apply As an English Teacher in Chile
How to Apply As an English Teacher in Chile

Apply During the Peak Season

In Chile, personal meetings are very important. With this, many employers like to meet applicants in person before hiring them.

You can be hired to teach English in Chile via a recruiter, or you can be interviewed via Skype or email before getting into Chile. Once you’ve arrived in Chile, you can also drop your resume to schools that you’re interested in working.

If you’re searching for English teaching jobs before getting into Chile, you can always ask Google. There are various jobs available, and you just have to conduct a few searches.

The peak for hiring season in Chile is in March and July until August. This is true for regular schools. However, international language schools hire teachers all year round. It’s hard to search for jobs in December and January. The seasons in Chile is opposite than that from Europe and America.

Search Accommodation within the Budget

International language schools and teaching companies can provide housing for their instructors. But there is also a big possibility that you have to find your own place to live in Chile. There are various sites to check, but you have to ask a friend to translate the site if you don’t speak Spanish.

In Chile, you can find a one-bedroom apartment for $300 to $400 each month. With the right skills, you can find an apartment that is within your budget in Chile.

Complete the Visa Requirements

To teach English in Chile, apply for a work visa in the Chilean embassy in your country. You can also have a travel visa to Chile and apply for a job to have a work visa. You can have it from the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is located in Santiago.

The amount you have to pay for your work permit and visa will vary depending on your nationality. For Americans, the work permit will cost around $250 while the temporary residence visa will cost around $470. Your school or work can sponsor these expenses. However, be sure to set aside some money just in case.

To have the work visa, you must prepare your translated and notarized work contract. It must include a letter from your employer justifying the hiring process. Also, prepare your diploma from your university that signifies you have completed your four-year course. Moreover, you have to apply for a police report for a background check, visa application form, and a valid passport.

Before having a work visa, you need to have a job. Thus, whether you get a job at Chile or at home, you must have an employer to help you with the process.

For Americans coming to Chile on a tourist visa, you don’t need to spend money or do anything to prepare. You will be issued a 90-day Tourist Card as you enter. This is the same for almost all countries. However, check these things first before traveling to Chile.