How to Know Which Comedian is the Right Fit?

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Hiring comedians is no laughing matter! It’s a good idea to do your research on local acts and look for someone who can deliver what your event needs. Whether you’re hiring a funny person for a wedding or a retirement party, these are the most important things to consider.

Subject Matter Your Group Will Love

Some comedians may be hilarious, but their subject matter only suits a certain kind of person.

For example, if you’re hiring a bar mitzvah comedian and don’t understand the event or traditions, their humor may not be topical or make sense for the event. It can still be funny to have a comedian there if they don’t understand the event, but it’s better to have someone in on the jokes making the jokes.

Understands Where The Line Is

An important thing to consider when trying to hire a comedian is if they understand where the line is. Although not every party will get offended at an off-color joke, you don’t want a comedian to offend half of the party if there are limits in humor or respectability.

Let comedians know the taboos, or how clean you want the humor to be, so that they can arrive ready to put on a show that can be enjoyed instead of just tolerated.

Is Within Your Budget

Your budget matters. As fun as your function might be, if you can’t pay your comedian what they want, they will not attend.

Set aside a budget specifically for entertainment so that you can pay them and ensure that they are willing to work the event. Many require down payments ahead of time, so make sure you have that ready when you start contacting comedians.

Understands the Function or Is Flexible

One of the best ways to make a gathering memorable is to have jokes that are custom-fit. Whether that’s slight ribbing on an inside joke, only attendees would understand, or general jokes about retirement for someone leaving the workforce; a flexible comedian is a good one.

This means they won’t be thrown off if something happens at the party, and they’ll be able to keep the light mood and fun vibes.

Can Make You Laugh

The most important thing a comedian has to be able to do is make you laugh. If they can’t do this, they’re not going to be good at making your gathering laugh. You don’t have to put them on the spot, but ask if they have any videos or reels of them performing.

Ignore whether or not the audience laughs in these clips, and see if the jokes can make you laugh. If you have the same sense of humor as the rest of your gathering, and they make you laugh: they’re a great fit.

Comedians are here to have a good time, make people laugh, and get paid while doing it. So it’s okay to be picky and sort through a bunch before you find your perfect fit! Just make sure to hire early and pay what they deserve.