How to Write a Best Book Review?

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How to Write a Best Book Review?

What is a book review?

A book review is an analysis of a book that describes the theme, plot, the characters, and context. It focuses on the book’s content, purpose, and authority. It may be an opinion or summary review and its length may alter from a single paragraph to a full page. There are two approaches to reviewing a book: Descriptive and Critical.

The Descriptive review gives essential information of the book. It presents the structure and content of the book by stating the perceived aims of the author whereas the Critical review evaluates the book in terms of accepted literary and supports this evaluation by using texts and research. If you need book review emergency then you can buy review from some famous review writing websites.

Before the review

But before you jump on to write a review take care of the following points.

#1 Read the book

It is incumbent that you should read the book you are going to write a review for. Remember your readers trust you so don’t cheat them by referring the internet or some random source to know about the book. Read it yourself and while reading judge the book for if it fits in the genre. Attempt to analyze the author’s viewpoint and purpose.

#2 Understand the theme, plot and take notes

When you are scanning the words observe various elements of the plot and identify the relation of the plot to the characters. Authors present themes in their writing so pay attention to the preface and references in the book. Read the book several times and take notes of incidents you find enticing and enthralling so that your thoughts are organized and you don’t miss them in your final draft.

#3 Judge the uniqueness

When you’re reading the book ask questions to yourself “How different is the book from others of the same genre?” analyze if the storyline and ending are unique or just like other books that fall under the same genre. As a critic/reviewer, you must think about the plot structure of the book. Enquire if you’re satisfied with the ending of the story.

Steps involved in a book review

Since you have taken preliminary steps, you’re all set to pen down your experience and craft your views about the book.

#1 Introduction the book

A good introduction to the title, publication information, genre and brief about the book grabs reader’s attention so that they follow the rest of the review. Specify the type of book (e.g. fiction, biography) and mention the theme and plot. Do not forget to include the background, characters and make sure they directly relate to your viewpoint of the book.

If you run out of an idea of how to introduce the book you must proceed with the summarization and supporting points. It will help to identify your approach to introducing the book. An appealing introduction is a hard nut to crack for many writers and the best way to tackle this is approaching the introduction at last.

#2 Criticise the book

This part of your review is the key player as it will decide whether the readers want to read the book or bid it a goodbye. Remember the note you made while reading the book? Yes, it will be your ally for criticising the script. Refer the note, arrest the negative points and ink them on your review. Be as open and clear as you can, be brutal and direct. One-third of your review should evaluate the book. Backup your critical discussion referring to proper incidents from the book that supports your words.

#3 Summarize

The summary of the book should be short, informative, clear and to the point. A summary should give an idea about the book’s content. It should occupy one-half of your review. Always create hype and maintain the suspense. Do not disclose important details or the ending of the book. Using quotes and phrases will increment points and add support to your summary.

The summary may vary from genre to genre, type to type. For a fictional work review the storyline for the readers, narrate if the characters, story and the genre are enthralling. If it is a biography, search answers for “Whether the book gives a full-length picture of the subject?” “Is the work a documentary?” “What is interesting about the subject’s life?”

#4 Conclude your review

Here you can discuss whether you would recommend someone to read the book. This section can include a rating in numbers; give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Note: Do not mention or discuss any new scope in your conclusion that you didn’t talk of in the body of your review.

#5 Review your review

The best way to improve is by consistently analyzing your mistakes. Read your work, sniff for grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation muff. You must drive on reverse gear i.e. scan your work in reverse from the last word to the first. This way you will identify errors because when you read from the top you already know what you have written so the probability to catch the fault is wee. If possible, let others walk through your work and they will point out your faults.


Patience is the master key to all the locks. When you are writing a review you must be very patient and observe every aspect of the task and then put your arguments forward wisely.

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