How to Write Winning College Essay?

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Writing numerous essays and articles as a part of the English curriculum in their school lives, high schoolers feel that writing their college applications are also going to be that simple and quick to do. While it is correct to a certain extent, such a thinking may backfire because there is quite a difference between writing a college application and writing an article on topics like female foeticide and global warming. The most significant difference being the level of importance, while an article you write could be graded and criticised, a college application is a hundred times more important because that can be the one thing that gets you in or out of a college. If you write it well, you are one step closer to your college admission and if not then you are one step closer to writing another college application essay; this process being repeated until you manage to write one that appeals to thee college that you are applying to. And in a country like India, where there is an increasing pressure on students to take up a degree education straight after their high school, writing this application well, becomes that much more important.

A college may ask you to write in majorly two different ways; they may ask you to write an essay on a global or niche issue or they may ask you to write about yourself, how you would be perfect for the college and why do you want to join the chosen college. These both types of write-ups are really different but are checked on the same parameters. You can use some services like custom cheap essay to buy essay instead of writing. Though if you want to write you can follow our tips.

The first type of essay, tries to assess the level of research and the thinking pattern of the writer; the college would obviously want a student whose thoughts and actions are aligned to the opinion and thinking of the college. A match in the attitudes and outlook would mean that the college was taking a safer bet on you, since there would be lesser chances of conflict between you as a student and the management. To ensure that you come across as a person who is tailor made to attend the college in question, it is very important for you to actually read up about it. Go through the college’s website or blogs and try to get a feel of what and how the college functions. Read the mission and vision of the institution and try to align hat you’re writing to what the college would have done i.e what you think (after reading up about the college).For example if you are asked to write about uniforms and whether they should be used in colleges, before exploding out research as to what the system is at the college. Even if you do not agree to the existing system in college you are free to write otherwise but do not take a strong opinion against it as you will come across as a person who is not willing to accept change at all and thus may not get an admission call.

Once you have researched about the college, you start researching on the topic given to you. It is very important that you understand the different aspects there is to an agenda. Every other student will write an essay about the common and general aspects about a topic but your essay will stand out if you shed some light on a different area of the topic or give a very fresh and new perspective. This can only develop if you have thoroughly read about the topic. What almost everyone does after this is get to the writing part, but before writing you should first develop a framework for what you’re going to write. There should be an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Create a map as to what you are going to write, this is done after you brainstorm for ideas. A plan will help you to write more coherently and quickly as compared when you set to write with no basic framework. Decide on how you want to start, whether you want to give a personal anecdote or a quote. Then comes the most important part of writing down the essay. It should be narrow and the essay shouldn’t lose focus; while you as a person should be able to reflect from you’re writing, the point of the essay or the topic in question should not be lost. Avoid using clichéd line sand styles of writing and do not use a lot of words when you can make do with few. Increasing your ideas count and not just managing to reach the word limit with limited ideas. The last and final step is proofread. Read through and edit the entire write-up at least twice. Moreover you can give it over to some of the people you trust, so as to get a second and third opinion. Try to include their points of change and better the essay. Always keep in mind that editing out your essay is not a bad thing and if the need be and you aren’t happy with the outcome, it would not be dumb of you to start over again- in fact it would be most logical (given you have enough time).

The second type of essay is a more personal one where the authorities want to know the kind of person you are and if you are made for the rigorous training that the college offers. They would want to check if you as a person are made for the college and whether they would want a person like you as their student. Such essays basically require you to sell yourself to the college without sounding too desperate or fake. While there is a basic framework of Introduction, Body and Conclusion here as well, it isn’t so stringent and can be worked around with. What is important here, is that you convey all that you are and all that you want to be.

On an average, an examiner will only give about 5-6 minutes per student and it becomes difficult for the writer hence to grab the attention of the evaluator. A very easy method of doing so, is to start off with a personal anecdote, talk about an incident or story but make sure that you can follow up and make it related to what you’re speaking ahead. This will give the evaluator a peek into your personal life and will feel like you are writing from your heart and baring your soul to them. Let the moment you choose be one that reveals the most pivotal feature of your character and personality. You can then go on to write how that shaped you as a person and helped to make you into who are today. Try to come across as a person who is interested in studying and graduating, show them that you are worth banking on. A college will not want someone who is not at all interested in studying and has a low chance of graduating, through your essay try to bring out the fact that you are a person who would give it their all and again give examples of how you are a dedicated and mature person. An important thing to be kept in mind is that, the evaluator knows that you are a 17/18 year old and thus will not expect you to come out with huge words. Therefore it would be expected for you to Ditch the Thesaurus and use words and phrases that you are comfortable with. This would help with two things- a) You know what you are writing and will be more comfortable around it since it is more personal and b) since you are aware of the terminology and usage of the word, there will be lesser grammatical errors. Using a language that is understood by all is much more important than invoking the Shakespeare in you. A final and very important tip to write a ‘personal essay’ is to not be someone you are not. Do not outsell yourself by portraying your person to be very fake and unattainable. You have to realise that you do not have to try so hard. This should come naturally to you, you are after all writing about your own self and why you want this college. Just let it all out naturally and everything will come out well in the end.

The tips mentioned above are quite general but at the same time they do work. Using them will only add up to your admission process and anything that is positive can be tried out. Although it should be kept in mind that these points have not been given by some professional institutional authorities and cannot be held accountable in case of an unfavourable result. But other than that, we are sure that if you follow these tips and give in your best, you will clear the essay round with flying colours.

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