Illiteracy – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph [The Social Issue]

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Illiteracy – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph [The Social Issue]

Essay on Illiteracy

Adding beauty to the one’s life is the dream of every individual. Being successful is the destination of every struggle. Leading a lavish life is fond of every soul sustaining on this earth. Creating a strong pillar for economic development is the aim of every Country.

So, to accomplish all these goals, fulfill all these desires and one of the major keys to success is being “literate”. Being educated is the need of era. It is just not the way to get the job rather it is a tool that adds shine to one’s personality. Unfortunately, India is a country full of illiterates, where illiteracy is one of the severe evil prevailing in the Indian society. This is one of the reasons that India is still demonstrated as ‘Developing Country’ rather than ‘Developed Country.

Illiteracy - Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph [The Social Issue]

What is Illiteracy? [Meaning of Illiteracy]

Illiteracy defines lack of a skill of reading and writing. It states inability to read and write. People that are unable to read and write are known as illiterates. India is suffering from this major ailment leading to degradation in societal development and status.

Around 287 million adults of Indian population are illiterates, contributing to 37-38% of the global total. Out of these illiterates, mostly are the girls. Due to Orthodox mind sets of Indian Society, there are families that do not send their girls for higher education. There are still around 60 lakh children out of school. This is a major and serious issue which not only hampering the growth of nation but even darkening the world of these future souls.

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Causes of Illiteracy

  • Ignorance, One of the core elements leading to more illiterates. Especially, Girl’s education is the major factor being ignored and hence, lifting the data of illiterates up.
  • Low per capita income, leading to lower disposable income in the hands of people. Due to which people are not able to incur expenses of higher education.
  • Poverty, A major role player in mounting more of the illiterates. The need of earning bread and butter in order to earn livelihood compels them to beg. Due to lack of literacy, they have no source of income ultimately, accelerating the statistics of poverty and illiteracy.
  • The Orthodox mentality of Indians actually discourages girl’s education because of their narrow thinking. They think that girls are only made for household chores. As a result, their capability is demoralized and their overall growth to is being hampered.
  • Now, the last major issue is loopholes in government involvement. The government are making policies but, due to lack of awareness, convenience etc. The applicability of these policies are not ensured as a result most of the states with the higher number of illiterates are unable to avail the benefits of these government policies.
  • Due to all these above-mentioned issues illiteracy rates are rising up. We all need to consider these points and should try to beat this evil and save our society and our country.

How to Eradicate Illiteracy?

  • The government is providing free education facility to the BPL (Below Poverty Line) people. For whom poverty is the major hindrance in availing literacy.
  • Various initiatives like mid day, free uniform and scholarships meal to attract poor children that are not going school out of ignorance and begging or stealing just to satisfy the fire of hunger.
  • The government has announced various financial help, support, and awards to the family that is sending their daughters to school.
  • The government has initiated various schemes too like Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan, render free educational services to the various students, mid day meal schemes etc.

Well, it is never too late. It is all about a small step that we all citizens have to take to eradicate illiteracy from the nation. Either by creating awareness, helping the poor, creating best educational opportunities along with cost effectiveness.

Conclusion : Speech on Illiteracy

“Let’s not illiteracy define the adjective for our nation as Developing Nation. Create a society full of motivated and educated youths. Let us take an oath just not to eradicate illiteracy a major social evil but also to lighten up the life of every poor. And it’s time to make our nation a Developed Nation.”

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