The Importance of Chemistry: Essay, Notes, Paragraph

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Introduction (Essay on Chemistry)

One does not have to be a scientist or a chemical enthusiast in order to learn about chemistry and how we are completely surrounded by it. In technical terms, it may be defined as “the branch of science that deals with the discovery of substances of which matter is composed; the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances.”

When spoken of chemistry, one instantly paints an imaginary picture of laboratories and test tubes being dealt by people experimenting in white coats wearing jumbo spectacles. Chemistry, definitely, is way more beyond that. It is all around us without us knowing, facilitating our survival.

The Prominence of Chemistry

We cook food, that’s chemistry.

We breathe air, that’s chemistry.

We sit on a chair, that’s chemistry.

Hence, it is simply inevitable. Its outrageous prominence can be stated by the human existence that would not have been otherwise. The multiple phenomena we witness around ourselves are all connected, sustaining life on planet earth.

  • From the healthcare and beauty products we use daily, to the medicines that cure us, chemistry is boundless. Life without chemicals is impossible.
  • Various occurrences in the environment like the rain, water cycle, photosynthesis, respiration, digestion etcetera that we are familiar with since our children are all chemical bound and a result of various chemical reactions resulting to what we witness.
  • Every object around us constitutes of atoms, which are the smallest building unit that makes up ordinary matter. So chemistry is everything that we touch, everything that we hold.
  • Multiple experimentations conducted yield multiple outcomes that give rise to inventions and theorems that solve impediments and carve the path for more, like producing electricity from water, garbage, etc.
  • Chemistry’s manifestation can be majorly depicted in the pollution crisis being faced in the present day. A chemical may be a nutrient or a pollutant. Their combining and reacting with other chemicals in inappropriate proportions can be hazardous in nature.

Careers in Chemistry

Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry opens its doors to all those who wish to seek a career out of it. The aim of becoming engineers, researchers, pharmacists and pursuing other careers involving scientific studies like Analytical and Catalytic Engineers, Water Chemist, Hazardous Waste Chemist, Scientific Writers etcetera are easily accomplished by undertaking certain courses in the respective field.

General Awareness

To study its roots and causes in depth is one thing, but to be equipped with the basics is a necessity in today’s routine.It is only when we will try to understand the fundamentals, which are actually quite fun and interesting; we will get to know ourselves better. Knowing what combined with what, when and how will lead to what, on an amateur level is foremost.

Some of the simplest yet compelling affairs that are carried out at home every day and entail direct chemistry include:

  • The making of curd, which is done by the coagulation of milk and then by adding acidic substances to it, like lime and vinegar.
  • Combinations of baking soda, honey, lemon and other constituents that are applied to the body for removal of tan, acne and pimple marks.
  • Removal of rust and restroom cleaning, best done with help of carbonated drinks, mostly Pepsi and Cola.
  • Cutting of onions making us cry, due to the release of sulphur in the air, thereby galling our eyes.
  • Floating of ice cubes on our cold drinks and water, even when they carry weight and must be at the bottom of the surface. It is because of ice being less dense than water.
  • Preservation of food being done with the help of refrigerators, owing to the cool atmosphere, that prevents the growth of microorganisms.


It is, indeed, consequent, how massive a part chemistry plays in our everyday life. The earth is made of chemicals, and so are we. The emotions we feel are all a part of it, making us who we are. To conclude, chemistry is inexorable.