Importance of forest – Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

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Importance of forest – Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

Introduction (Essay on Importance of Forest)

Forest is a large area of land covered by trees and woody vegetation. It plays a major role in maintaining the biodiversity and the ecosystem of planet earth. They are home to many wild species of animals, reptiles, and insects. The climate, soil, and topography of the region determine the type of trees that grow in a forest. It helps to maintain the ecological balance and provide water, food and shelter to all kinds of living being.

Ecological importance of forest

Forests cover 31 percent of world’s land and they collect and store water. The trees standing tall in the forest hold the soil strongly to maintain the health of the soil. The trees help to balance the carbon dioxide emission by sucking them in and releasing oxygen for the organisms.

They are a great source of food for all kinds of animals which includes herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The herbivores feed on the plants and the vegetarian species serves as the prey for the carnivores. When the animals die they decompose into the soil that helps the plants to sustain and live as food for others.

Apart from the wild inhabitants, forests serve a great service to the social animals too i.e. humans. Humans highly depend on forests for their survival as it provides the fuel, food and shelter. Humans cut down trees from forests for their use to build houses, furniture and burn down the wood for cooking.

Economic importance of forests

Forests contribute to more than 10% of the GDP in many countries.  In many developing countries, forests provide around 10 million and around 30 to 40 million formal and informal employment respectively.

Forests contain many ancient herbs that can be used for medicinal purposes. And the government of many countries export those herbs to perform trade and earn a profit. Many scientists can be accounted for researching the merits and demerits of certain herbs, identifying their benefits and positive use.

Forests can also be a great helping hand in diminishing the unemployment rate. To fulfil the comfort needs, humans run after abundant resources and forests fulfil the exigency. Cutting down the trees and loading them requires people, which means, new job opportunities.

Importance of forest - Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph
Importance of forest – Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

Climatic importance of Forest

Forests control the climate and purify the atmosphere for the survival of all living beings. The trees in the forest, hold the soil strongly and maintain the health of the soil. The dense vegetation balances the temperature and climatic conditions by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions by the humans. It also controls noise pollution by absorbing the noise produced by humans.

The forests increase rainfall by condensing low clouds and increase precipitation to some extent. They guard the soil by holding it based on the root structure of the trees reducing soil erosion. They protect the watersheds and improve the water quality by sowing and filtering rainwater.

How deforestation effect us?

The need of humans for their survival has given birth to deforestation, which in return has imbalanced the ecosystem. Currently, humans are cutting down 35-40 trees per minute and the continuous practice will deprive us of basic our necessities.

This madness leads to many man-made disasters like drought, flood, landslide etc. Many wild inhabitants migrate to urban areas for shelter which is a result of massive deforestation. With no trees to absorb heat, glaciers are melting and adding to the water level in rivers and sea. In some cases, rivers are drying up due to escalating global warming.

The rise in temperature, drying rivers, melting glaciers and imbalanced ecosystem is resulting in the extinction of many species and many are on the endangered list.

Conclusion (Speech on Forest)

Humans are greedy and they are known for their zeal of destruction. Yes, it is true that we need natural resources for our survival but we also need to learn to protect them and shouldn’t waste them. If you cut one tree then you should plant six saplings to maintain the ecological balance.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but no every man’s greed” – M.K. Gandhi

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