Importance of River: Advantages & Disadvantages of River – Essay, Speech, Paragraph

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Importance of Rivers: Advantages & Disadvantages of River – Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article

Introduction (Essay on River)

It is astounding how a single river blesses us with its generosity by providing us with numerous aspects, essential to survival. Mother Earth is also known as the blue planet because of it being covered with 71% of water. These water bodies are nature’s benefactions to mankind, life without which would not have been possible. One of the significant sources of water is the river.

The early men are known to settle on the banks of rivers in order to avail the comforts and benefits provided, that included supplies of fresh water, fertile soil for cultivation purposes, and more. Rivers sustain life, not only mankind but also flora and fauna.

“I do not know much about gods; but I think that the river is a strong brown god – sullen, untamed and intractable.”
– T.S. Eliot

Importance of River: Advantages & Disadvantages of River - Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article
Importance of River: Advantages & Disadvantages of Rivers – Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article

Advantages Of Rivers (Blessing of Rivers)

From providing us with water for all our daily needs to livelihoods directly depending on them, rivers are massive providers of myriad advantages. They are major economic assets of any country as they aid in the production of electricity, attract tourism, act as a solid transportation medium, help in trading purposes and also support the ecosystem by helping in the functioning of various natural phenomena, like the water cycle. They are also a rich source of providing food like fish and other aquatic animals that are consumed on a large scale. Various rivers are also regarded as deities in many countries, including our own. They are considered sacred and worshiped by devotees with utmost respect and loyalty, as their holy water is known to cure one of all illness. Even the riverbed furnishes rocks and gravel that are used for construction purposes.

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Disadvantages of Rivers (Curse of Rivers)

A lot of industrial and agricultural wastes are being dumped into the rivers, making the water toxic and fatal for human use as well as for the marine life sustaining. Hazardous chemicals and other malignant constituents are also disposed in the rivers by factories and industries illegally, in order to save the cost of treating them adequately with the enforced mechanism. Other causes include dumping of plastics and household garbage, bathing in rivers, washing of clothes, usage of soaps and detergents, discharging of the deceased after cremation, release of feces etcetera that contaminate them to an extent it becomes unhygienic for usage and cannot be treated because of high levels of contagious pollutants existent in the water. This also results in the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects that are infectious and cause appalling diseases.

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Water Crisis & Rivers (Importance of Rivers)

Mother Earth only provides us with 0.3% of fresh water on the surface of various lakes, swamps, and rivers that are fit for use by the whole population residing on the planet. It is incredible how the water that supports all terrene as well as aquatic life, is actually so scarce. This cognizance prompts us to use the resources in a very judicious manner, and spread awareness about the same, as collective endeavors are certain to bring about a change. The outcomes are already starting to show as the availability of clean water is depleting in various regions, like the African Continent. Access to clean water is already becoming a dream for many, which will be the case for all, if not acted upon.

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Conclusion – Short Note on Importance of Rivers

It is more important than ever now to take the initiative and develop strategies to conserve water at each step, as every drop counts. Sensible and prudent use of this precious resource as well as sustainable development is highly imperative at this point. If we don’t make efforts and do it now, it might all be over soon. It sure is toilsome, but not impossible. The change starts from within; it’s now or never.

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