Importance of Stress Management – Essay, Speech, Article

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Introduction – Importance of Stress Management

In today’s watch our society has witnessed a tremendous growth with the vision of living but with the revolution, a serious concern has taken over the society that is, the distressing fact that we have to confront issues related to our mental health i.e. Stress.

Why is Stress Management Important?

Let’s open up and discuss Stress. Within the boundary of social norms it’s obvious for an individual to respond in an uneven way towards the mental pressure but it becomes really crucial when one is not able to balance their stress episodes in their normal functioning life resulting in many disorders as depression, phobia, insomnia, panic, anxiety and the list goes on resulting to the mental health issue where stress plays the lead role. Currently, we can witness two types of stress: Good stress (Eustress) and Bad stress (Distress). Good stress holds an individual to remain focused positively. On the contradictory bad stress interferes with the normal functioning of a being and starts to hamper the mental condition. As a result, it contributes to many health problems.

In order to sustain a healthy life, stress management is very prominent. Foremostly its necessary to identify the stress one is suffering, it can be categorized into two types of stress i.e. Acute and Chronic stress.  Acute stress is the result of short-term pressure which does not have time to do the extensive damage related to long-term stress, for eg: Emotional distress which includes anger, irritability, etc. On the other hand, chronic stress deals with the stress of unrelenting demands and pressures for a longer period of time for eg: an unhappy marriage, which can push one to harm themselves. When stress develops in the mind, it starts to create an array of illness – from the normal cold to severe heart disease. As stress evolves it can hamper one’s focus, strength, and stability. The stress management largely depends on the accountability by taking charge of one’s own emotions, schedule, and environment.

How to Cope With Stress?

Stress can be handled with some benefitting techniques as meditation, which enables an individual to calm the mind and examine the inner peace.  It acts as the core origin of motivation to make a healthy change in the life. Cardio exercises also help to relieve stress.


There is such a social pressure boomed in the society related to the mental health conflicts that one is scared to admit to these issues. There are many other reasons behind the mental disturbance which can be childhood traumas, peer pressure, academic pressure, and poor relationship between the parents. According to a study, there is a massive shortage of trained staffs for addressing mental health problems and there are only 4000 trained doctors for mental health in the country, according to a NIMHANS report which is largely in urban areas. If people handle stress effectively this can provide a lot of advantages to them but if it is mishandled this may lead to a heap of problems in their life. Stress is a common problem in this modern era and there is no way to escape. So managing the stress is the only solution.