Importance of Teamwork : Article, Essay, Short Note, Speech

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Importance of Teamwork : Article, Essay, Short Note, Speech

Essay on Teamwork  

The word “ Teamwork ” is used so casually these days that its real meaning is losing its relevance day-by-day. For example, consider the following:

            “What is the difference between team and teamwork?”

It is one thing to form a team. Performing as a team and maintaining a certain level of teamwork is completely different. It is quite apparent that teams don’t work without teamwork. The above fact is reflected more clearly in sports. Often we see a well-formed team outperforms a team of expensive players. So how does that happen? Surely expensive players are good at the game. So a team of experienced, expensive players should win right. And yet we see them lose to teams with players of relatively low caliber. It happens due to misconceptions people have regarding the real purpose of forming teams. So why do we form teams, in games or in enterprises? Why do we need teams?

Importance of Teamwork

“A team is a group of people who share a common vision or goal and work towards it in a synchronized manner. Each individual may not be perfect but the idea is to have each other’s back and complement each other’s strengths.”

Keeping above statement in mind it is quite apparent as to why some teams improve company’s throughput manifold and why some teams fail to deliver. Now, it is not necessary that all team members be friends in order for teamwork to happen. In fact most of the time it is beneficial to have members from different backgrounds and field to be part of the team so they can share their unique perspectives. This is especially true in the corporate world as it allows teams to have brainstorm sessions where they contemplate project issues and look at the problem in a holistic and comprehensive way. Following attributes, if present helps enhance team bonding which is essential for teamwork:

Elements contributing to good leadership and teamwork

Effective leader:

A team is as effective as its leader. A leader should encourage team bonding exercises and workshops that will help its members to get to know each other. Also, the leader should encourage members to actively participate in brainstorming sessions by providing suggestions. All this will help the team to come up with the best possible solution in a relatively short time period.

Importance of Teamwork : Article, Essay, Short Note, Speech
Importance of Teamwork : Article, Essay, Short Note, Speech

Open Mindedness:

 When working as a team it is essential to have an open mind so as to approach the problem from different perspectives. Open mindedness also helps people comprehend peer’s point of view so as to adopt a more holistic approach towards the problem at hand.

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Vision sharing:

Proper planning is always an investment in the right direction. Before starting it is always good to share the vision with all team members. This is true even if the vision is apparent. This takes everyone on board with the vision or goal. Setting up structured plan to approach different aspects of the problem allows members to work in a synchronized manner.

Performance assessment:

 It is wise to work under deadline. Likewise, it is also important to have some kind of internal performance checks to ensure that the team makes progress in accordance with the deadline.Taking feedback from members also helps to identify possible areas or aspects that require improvement.

Conclusion on Essay on Importance of Teamwork

Teamwork always has the potential to forge a meaningful and fulfilling companionship among team members. Working on otherwise difficult projects with like-minded people makes the work and journey towards target goal all the more rewarding.