Importance of Work: Essay, Article, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph

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Importance of Work: Essay, Article, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph

Introduction (Essay on Importance of Work)

Importance of Work – To be busy is something, but to be productive is contrary, and of course better. With exorbitant levels competition in every field, it is immensely crucial for everyone to be employed in some of the other task in today’s time, in order to facilitate survival for themselves as well as their loved ones. Living in a world that is eminently flooding with people who are distinctly talented, passionate and uniquely capable, one needs to go out there to prove their worth and make their own identity, by being closely involved with the work tasks they are pursuing.

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

What our work teaches us? (What is the Importance of Work?)

Once an individual starts working, they automatically become subject to a lot of hardships and circumstances that are bound to demoralize as well as daunt them to the core. It is only once they are past this stage that they are able to learn a lot of things that teach something meaningful, directly or indirectly.

Apart from employing us and paying our bills, work also gives a purpose to our lives, challenging us as well as satisfying our inner self. It teaches us to be humble by being involved in a lot of small tasks, helping us keep our feet on the ground. The deadlines also aid us in inculcating qualities of punctuality, discipline and hard work, making us obsequious.

Importance of Work: Essay, Article, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph
Importance of Work: Essay, Article, Speech, Short Note, Paragraph

Our personality traits also tend to develop in compliance with the type of work we are associated with over a period of time and help us tackle with similar matters throughout our life. For someone who gets feedback surveys and questionnaires filled in a mall or outside brand outlets all day while constantly getting refused for the same; modesty is going to be deeply rooted in them. Similarly, an individual who might never have been in a car without a driver to take them around may now have to do the same for the company’s clientele.

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As much as working hard is important, working smart plays a considerable role too. However, working smart should never be confused with one’s honesty and dedication towards their work tasks as well as their loyalty towards their workplace. Committing of frauds, taking credit for others’ work, violation of civil rights, slander, theft and other malpractices lead to the breakage of trust and the sense of belongingness the organization has with the employees, thereby raising questions about their character.

Our work also gives us the opportunity to interact with a lot of new people, to learn something from each one of them, and simultaneously inculcate qualities and polish skills like leadership, teamwork, effective communication and listening, flexibility, time management and lots many. All these things help us create our own status as well as individual identity in the society, our work defining who we truly are and what we’re capable of.

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Conclusion – Speech on Importance of Work

The importance of work in our lives is vital. To be able to achieve targets and be a part of something that contributes to a cause, a motive, or an establishment’s success leads to the development and shaping of not only our own personalities but the economy as well. Hence, our work functions as a balancing act, helping us progress in and outside our workplace.

Since hard work always pays off, one must simply function without expecting any results in return. Hence it is the ideal way and also the key to happiness.

The accomplishment of dreams and the ladder of success can only be climbed through consistent hard work and perseverance; making way across all the hurdles that come one’s way.