Independence day- Nationalism and the Clutches of Religious Diversity

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Independence day- Nationalism and the Clutches of Religious Diversity

Independence day- Nationalism and the Clutches of religious diversity.

One Independence Day after the other goes by and seventy-one years have thus rolled on. While we engage ourselves in rhetoric and revelry every year on this day, can we just pause for a moment and ponder over the situation?

  • Are the shackles of religious diversity still holding us back from unity?
  • Is our nation still searing in the flames of religion clash?
  • Is our national identity, national pride, national ethos contained within our religion alone?

The answer most certainly is yes. But there is not much wisdom in playing the blame game.

In this river of life that we all traverse, we have somehow managed to sore our ego to such heights that the soil in which we were born is precious but the very bodies that were birthed from that soil have lost value. We have broken ourselves like shards of glass and surrendered ourselves to the division in religion. And then we divided Zamzam, and then we divided Ganga, and then we turned a blind eye towards that dying thirsty man, who would begin the name of Rehman in front of the mosque and in front of the temple he’d chant the name of Ram.

The massacre of humanity

Independence Day: Essay, Speech, Paragraph

Was bifurcation the independence that our leaders died for? Was this the path that our revolutionary fighters wanted to see us travel?

Held back in the clutches of religion, in our identities as Hindus and Muslims, we killed that identity that was once called humanity. But time has been a witness that wherever and whenever the religion of humanity arose, it broke free from all the other religious chains. Then the followers of humanity neither cared about Pakistan and Bangladesh being built from the soils of Hindustan nor did they care about that saffron and that green which painted the borders of the nations. For all, they cared about was that illuminating pot that on a Diwali night ends all darkness and that warm embrace on Eid after the moon graces the night sky.

Nationalism or Hooliganism?

Independence is about being self-sufficient, having the right and strength to speak, think and act for the grace of the soil and to push the nation fore and not for deteriorating the solidarity. But were the sacrifices of our founding fathers legit? When some halfwits demand aazadi by chanting the slogans “Bharat tere tukde honge insha allah, insha allah & Afzal hum sharminda hain tere qatil abhi zinda hain”, the quaere appears to be legitimate.

Right to choice, a boon by the constitution permits us to take decisions of our life but as humans, we never slip up to misuse it to satisfy our self-esteem. The land we take shelter in, the soil that feeds us, we deny to stand for its safety and prosperity but we are always devoted to cursing it for not providing us enough comfort.

Nationalism isn’t putting a tricolor Display Picture on the social media for a day and then revoking it the other day. It is Her misfortune that when a son of her hugs martyrdom the other litters the streets, refuses to stand for the national anthem in the name “Choice” and calls himself the biggest patriot. Her son is a patriot but when it comes to praise her and sing the national song he belongs to a community first and then to the country. It is such an irony that when a son wants to praise his Mother (country) his Father (religion) shuts his mouth. Is it really a restriction or a desperate choice? Well, the second way seems more convincing.

Conclusion on Independence day- Nationalism and the Clutches of Religious Diversity

So many years have passed since the blood first bled to the soil. So many rivers of freedom have flowed ever since, and yet sometimes it seems to us as though the freedom we enjoy today was not hard earned. It appears as though all we attained was a divide that we cannot bridge to reach each other’s heart. But then let us not forget that one day we have to turn to nothing but ashes and dust. That we’ll be the soil that knows no religion, the air that is blind to creed and the water that sees neither the temple nor the mosque.

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