Internships During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Indeed, the pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. It left a significant impact on businesses to the education system, and a whole lot more. This being said, even internships and job hunting are now very much different. If you’re one of the new graduates who are confused about where and how you can get started, then read on.

But first, what is an internship?

An internship is a program that employers are usually offering to their potential employees. It’s an exchange of work for professional learning experience in your field of study or career interest. This is especially beneficial for young prospects and new graduates as it can help explore and develop essential skills in their field. You’d also get a taste of what working life in a certain field or company is like.

Traditionally, internships would be conducted in a physical set-up, an actual workplace. However, since the pandemic hit the world last year, things have changed. Internships have now shifted from in-person training to a virtual or remote one only with some in-person elements. Now, the question is, how do you cope up with these changes?

Polish all your documents

Make sure that your documents — from your resume to your internship cover letter, are all well-written and polished. As much as possible, they should be free of mistakes. Take extra care and effort on these documents as they are part of the first selection process that any recruiter will make. Always ensure you’ve presented all your accomplishments and special skills related to the specific industry. Don’t forget to mention why you want to work with them and how you plan to bring value to their company.

Prepare a proper workspace

Since internships are now mostly done remotely, it’s great if you could prepare for a work-from-home area. Having a professional space designated for work will help you avoid distractions and can help keep you productive. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the dining table or a home office as long as there’s a proper internet connection and with no distractions. As much as possible, avoid working in the bedroom or on the couch. You might be less productive and feel sleepy in these places. Having a virtual background for video calls and meetings is also nice and can improve your professional image.

Make sure you have complete equipment

What is a proper working space for if you don’t have the appropriate equipment required for the job? Before applying for a virtual internship, make sure you have complete equipment and supplies. That is, primarily, a working computer, visual and audio equipment, and a great internet connection. These are already great to start with, but it’s also nice to invest in backup devices as you go along. You know, in unexpected cases of emergency.

Establish a routine

When working remotely, the most important things you need to establish are structure and routine. If you aren’t given a specific time to start and end your workdays, you can set them yourself. Choose a time when you think you’re most productive. Plan when you want to have your breaks and what time you would end work each day. Doing this will make you more productive and have a mindset on when it’s work time and when it’s “home” time.


Internships are already challenging as it is and has now become even more challenging due to the pandemic. These changes, however, are easy to cope up with, so don’t be scared. Keeping yourself productive might get complicated because you’re always at home. However, by following these simple tips, things will get easier over time. Hopefully, you enjoyed and learned from this article. Good luck with getting that internship!