Modernization: Essay, Advantages, Disadvantages, Speech, Impacts

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Modernization: Essay, Advantages, Disadvantages, Speech, Impacts

Introduction to Modernization

We live in a fascinating world today. Our society is now a gen x society and they have already begun to make the impact of modernization on the world.

The society and the world as a whole have changed a lot during the past twenty years. A lot of which was an essential part of the society earlier is nowhere to be seen today’s modern world. A major part of this change is led by change and advent of new technologies. Major disruptive technologies that have had a direct impact on human lives are the internet, smartphones, smart home appliances, et cetera. All these devices and technologies have played a major role in shaping the modern society.

Modernization Impact on Technologies

The magnitude of change the technology has caused in our lives is apparent from the difference we see in the way kids grow up in modern society. Modernization has got everything tangled up in technology in such a way that it is not even possible to imagine a modern kid without access to social media and smartphones and yet it’s really been just a decade since the smartphones became popular among the masses. Same can be said about social media and 24×7 connectivity to the internet. With each passing day, the technology is becoming cheaper and thus more affordable. Current generation kids can’t even imagine that it used to cost 15 bucks for each second of incoming calls as the tariff in early days.

Modernization Impact on Work-life

Modernization has had a direct impact on work culture. With the introduction of so many disruptive technologies in the market, it has completely changed the way people work. Industries are becoming increasingly competitive and the overall market situation is too volatile. This has impacted people’s lives in a negative way. There was a study which clearly indicates an exponential rise in sales of anti-depressants and drugs along with the rise in usage of social media. The world is changing at a very fast pace and it is becoming tough for employees to keep themselves relevant in the industry or they risk losing their job. The quality of life has decreased even as the average income and living standards have improved.

Modernization Impact on Children

With technology increasingly becoming an essential part of our lives no one is immune from its effects, including children. Modern generation kids despite living in the most connected society ever, are in fact the loneliest. They grow up with so much exposure to the virtual social world that they fail to learn real social skills needed to thrive in the modern society.

It has been proven in a study that kids these days have no self-esteem and they constantly seek approval of others. But the real sad part is that they lack the courage to ask for help from their elders and constantly try to find that support from the virtual social world. The rate of children resorting to bullying and violence is increasing at an alarming rate. Increased competition in the industry has also put a lot of pressure on kids to make a place for themselves in the society.

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Modern societal norm

Modernization has impacted the societal norm as well. Unique is new normal in the society. Children are exposed to the idea that if they are not extraordinary or unique, they are worthless, and it is a dangerous trend. Living a normal life in modern society is equated with living a worthless life. Under such a mindset, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there has been a steep increase in crime and suicide rates, especially among the young adults. These are the kids whose lives were shaped and conditioned by social media and they lack courage and self-esteem to ask for help. The modern society makes them feel alone and helpless. They do not realize that it is perfectly okay to ask for help and support.


The situation does seem dark and bleak but it can be changed with conscious effort. We need to set boundaries and limits to the usage of technology and make sure “use” does not become “abuse”. I firmly believe that kids these days are really smart and are perfectly capable of adapting to changes. All it requires is little governance and guidance from our side so that we can lead them to a better life. As adults, it is our responsibility.

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