Myself: Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article, Short Note

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Hi, my name is Payal Santani. I was born on _________ (Date of Birth), which makes me __ (Age) years old now. I am pursuing my Bachelors in commerce, final year. A little about family background would go like – I live in a nuclear family. Father is a businessman. Mother, a homemaker, and one elder brother, currently working in a UAE based electronic company in Dubai. I was born and brought here in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, India and grew up here.

Myself: Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article, Short Note
Myself: Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article, Short Note

Academically, I have always been a class topper. I have never said ‘I hate studying’. I love to read. People often call me Geek or Nerd but I end up taking it as a compliment rather than an insult. I am personally an Ambivert, a term stands in between ‘Extrovert’ and an ‘Introvert’, meaning I might be shy on the initial stages when I get to interact with unknown people, but as the bond grows stronger, I tend to turn outward.

I like to help others. Be it any person, known or unknown, friend or foe, I simply cannot turn my eyes off if I see any person needs my help. I would even get ready to bear the pain at the cost of helping others. But having this kind of nature is also not feasible, for the demand today is more of ‘saying no nicely’. People might take advantage and you will end up regretting but the nature of human beings is unchangeable.

I personally do not believe in long term goals. Rather, according to me, make short term plans. Like instead of thinking where I would end up after five years, I would plan for the next six months which would surely give me a realistic view of my plans. My life motto in a single line would be ‘Carpe diem’, which means seize the day when you have it, for there is no tomorrow.

Some interests I have got are: Reading, writing, teaching, playing musical instruments (piano and guitar mainly). I come from a family background wherein, less importance is given to educating a girl child; henceforth the things or opportunities I have been deprived of have always attracted me more.

Reading is my best pass time. Call me a bibliophile, but I just love collecting books. Books for me are an escape to reality. I like reading Fantasy fiction, people find it bit absurd and childlike to follow a genre like this and poke that it would not access a person with worldly knowledge. But I believe reading can change the way you think, so be it any good non-real novel, would fetch my eyes on the first place. My all time favourite work is of Rick Riordan in his Percy Jackson series.

Also, with complete gratitude, I call myself a Motivator. This is the most common compliment I get from the people who are a regular reader of my write ups and blogs. I am grateful to know that my thoughts inspire others. I feel the biggest achievement of my life is when people turn on to me saying I have made a huge impact upon their lives, motivating them to never back off in spite of failures in the journey.

I like to teach as well. Kids have always been the smiling part of my life. In a crowded hall with tons of highly educated and sophisticated persons, kids would surely be the first to grab my attention towards them. I am completely carried away by the innocence these little ones carry in their every action. Kids are truly a bundle of energy which can pass on to everyone, just by interacting with them for few minutes. They have colourful minds full of imaginations and I can completely write pages on these little creatures.

Then, last but not the least I like playing different musical instruments. The key notes producing sounds have always been my stress buster in every situation.