“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” – Origin, Meaning, Explanation, Example

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention – Origin, Meaning, Explanation, Example

Origin of Necessity is the Mother of Invention

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” means when there is a need people will create or invent a way to achieve it. The proverb was initially famous in the Latin language in England. In 1519, William Horman used the Latin phrase ‘Mater Artium Necessitas’ in his book Vulgaria. Many writers later used their own blended versions of the proverb. But the actual English usage was recorded in the book 2 of “The Republic wrote” by Plato, where he wrote, “Then, I said, let us begin and create in idea a State; and yet the true creator is a necessity, who is the mother of our invention.”

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Meaning of Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The meaning of the proverb is that when someone is in dire need to achieve something or if it is essential for his survival, then he would do anything in hand to accomplish that.

Explanation of Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Human beings are capable of achieving anything and everything; they only require realizing that fulfilling their needs will help them live a better life. When we realize our needs, the inner force compels and forces us to work hard to meet our needs. Humans have the ability to acknowledge and work on physical as well as social needs which animals don’t possess. Without needs and urge to invent ways to meet them, our life will become so much easier, comfortable and boring. With nothing to do or achieve will ultimately make our life left with no excitement for the future.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of basic needs, all human beings have five levels of needs to satisfy. People who fulfill all these needs are self-fulfilled and live the happiest of lives. The first level of need is the Physical Survival need, the need for food, drink, shelter, sleep, clothes etc. The second level is the Physical safety needs, the need to feel safe from danger and threats. These two needs are required to be achieved constantly.

The third level is for Love and Belonging needs, the need for belonging, acceptance, and understanding. It starts to emerge once the other first two needs are met. The fourth level is for Self-Esteem needs, the need for self-respect, acknowledgment, and freedom. The last level is Self-fulfilled needs, the need to develop physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects. The need to be aware of the completeness and joyfulness of life.

Humans should always be passionate and excited to accomplish their needs. The desire to find or invent ways to achieve our goals always comes from within. The realization of our capabilities and efforts required to put in accordance to get something done always compels us to what we aspire the most.

Essay on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

From the beginning, when ancient people required something to make their life easier or safer they tried their best to invent those things. When they needed something to keep away the darkness they invented fire. When they felt the need to feed themselves they started cooking their food on the fire. When they felt cold they used the trees barks and leaves to cover themselves. When Thomas Edison felt the need of light at night he discovered electric light bulb. 

Later, to make life easier for humans invented wheels, railways, airplanes, telephones, television and other many countless inventions. Human needs have never ended since then. These needs compel humans to invent or create something new and useful constantly. The process of inventions has been going on for centuries and it will continue for further centuries too.

Speech on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Needs and requirement for inventions are necessary for a person to get into action. Anything and everything we use today is a result of the fulfillment of needs by humans previously. Initially, inventions were made to meet the basic survival needs. But humans are something more than a mere slave of their needs. They created new needs not as a necessity but as good or beautiful symbols of status. Most of the inventions were merely for societal recognition like Ornaments, bungalows, cars, fashionable and expensive clothing and many more. Some of the inventions made our life comfortable such as electricity, turbines, windmills etc. But some inventions like guns, bombs, weapons are destructive for human life physically and morally.

Humans need to understand the necessity of the invention and how to use it properly. Some inventions brought us closer to each other like telephones, internet, social media etc. But these inventions brought some price with them like hacking, stalking, cyberbullying and most importantly waste of our time. There are many other inventions which were made because it gave human the thrill of doing something impossible like to explore the space with telescopes, spaceships, satellites, and rockets.

Necessity not only compels humans to invent ways to meet the needs but also forces people to be igneous, innovative and work smarter.

Conclusion on Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Necessity should be considered as an opportunity to become better and achieve success in our life and no destructive inventions should be used to harm others. The proverb has been taught to us since our childhood in a positive aspect and the meaning of the proverb must remain so and not in a negative manner.