Population Explosion in India: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Control Measures

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Population Explosion in India: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Control Measures

Essay on Population Explosion in India

We do not even need statistical data to see how big a problem population explosion is in India. Be it the cafes, galleries, parks, trains or metros, or the public places in India, when one has to make way by jostling through the crowd or standing in an inch space, one does ponder over the rapid rise in the population in India.

In the process, one’s thoughts at last come down to population explosion. This population explosion is the result of the sudden and unchecked increase in the size of population. Since the past few years, India has been subject to rising population without any check. As this became a more and more persistent issue, several raised their voices to create awareness. This was done by introducing to the general population the causes, effects and control measures of population explosion.

Population Explosion in India: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Control Measures
Population Explosion in India: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Control Measures

Causes of Population Explosion in India

  • Increase in birth rate: Lack of awareness in terms of birth control has resulted in a rapid explosion in population.
  • Decrease in mortality rate: The advanced science and medical technologies have reduced the mortality rate to a large extent.
  • Increase in life expectancy: Growth and development in terms of living conditions, sanitation and hygiene have ensured greater life expectancy, thus resulting in population explosion.
  • Lack of recreation: In rural areas, due to lack of recreation, people engage in sexual activities without taking protective measures to control birth.
  • Illiteracy: Education makes people aware. Illiteracy, on the other hand, results in lack of awareness regarding family planning, female education and their age of marriage. Illiterate people think that more the hands in the family more will be the family income- a concept which is faulty in itself.

Effects of Population Explosion in India

  • Over population: This is a condition wherein the limited resources are to be shared by a huge population when earlier it was being shared by only a small population. This means that a comfortable living will not be attainable by one and all.
  • Poverty: Population explosion is directly proportional to poverty. As population grows beyond control, scarcity of resources will be faced, thus resulting in poverty.
  • Unemployment: Population explosion, again, is directly proportional to unemployment. This means that the economy will not be able to create sufficient employment for an unchecked, sudden growth in population.
  • Poor health and economy: The demand will be greater than the supply, thus, resources such as proper food, shelter and clothing along with monetary aspects will not be available to every hand of the nation.
  • Pollution: Population explosion will increase the demand for goods. This means that more raw materials will be extracted from the earth. In turn, this will cause more by-products and waste, thus causing pollution.

Measures For Population Explosion in India

Control measures must be taken in order to put a stop to population explosion. The government must join hands with every individual of the society to bring about a productive change. This can be done by firstly educating people and creating more awareness regarding population explosion and its repercussions. Secondly, family planning norms must be followed by every single household of India. Thirdly, the minimum age of marriage should be increased, and fourthly, the government should give certain incentives to families who adopt birth control measures.

Population explosion is an urgent issue in India which needs to be resolved in order to ensure every citizen a comfortable, healthy living and at large, a greener and cleaner earth.