A Postponed Life Syndrome: Why is it Dangerous and How to Avoid it?

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What do people think about on their deathbed? Undoubtedly, they regret they missed all opportunities to make their dreams come true. Thousands of psychologists and educators remind us every day, that it is impossible to bring back the sense to days we wasted. Unfortunately, the number of people who always put off their great life plans is rising every minute. Such behavior is called a postponed life syndrome, and now Romance Compass will explain why it is dangerous.


How it occurs?

Get the best of our lives doesn’t mean living large and hang out all the time. It is easy to buy entertainments, but we can’t buy us time – it is priceless. The point is to realize our dreams and potential, to find our place in this world.Changes are

Changes are an integral part of our lives. We cannot be the same personalities throughout decades because of our surroundings. By changing ourselves we put more sense in our existence, and these changes can be different. Visiting a new country, learning new skills, meeting more creative people, trying yourself in another field, and changing a place of residence – we all have different dreams, but we always find reasons to realize them later. The reasons are simple:

  • We wait for an appropriate time;
  • We look for some sign from above that will make us do it;
  • We seek for better circumstances;
  • We worry about our present responsibilities and our usual little world we live in.

In fact, we need to act, not to wait. Moreover, speaking about responsibilities, this is one of the most pathetic excuses. Start with responsibility for yourself, follow your desires and interests. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that it is better living now, so we slowly put ourselves in a trap of our own mind.

How does it develop?

There are three stages of a postponed life syndrome:

1. A vague perception of an alternative

It starts when we think there must be something else in this life. We feel a bit lost and slightly realize we can do something different: find a new job, get out of

It starts when we think there must be something else in this life. We feel a bit lost and slightly realize we can do something different: find a new job, get out of abusive relationship, etc. A person doesn’t feel clear motives and specific needs, their image is blurred.

2. An unfulfilled dream

As opposed to the previous stage, this time a clear and detailed image of our unrealized desires reveals itself. Now we know exactly what we want: to write a book or a song, to open our own restaurant and so on. The clock starts ticking louder with every second and we think it is late to undertake something. Moreover, we unconsciously consider these dreams to be fellfield in another life.

3. Misery

At this stage situation becomes truly toxic. A person suffers great pain because of doubt, hesitations, and regrets. In comparison with previous stages, now it is extremely hard to dare and change everything. The longer you wait, the harder to make the first step.

What to do?

If you are on the first stage: feel, meditate, search, open new horizons, communicate. Try to understand what is a missed alternative, what are your desires. Find the answer on a question “Do I really want something more?”

If you are on the second stage: check out whether this is really your sincere dream and study the ways of approaching it. Some dreams can be just a shell that accidentally penetrated to your head from glossy magazines or TV. Therefore, it is necessary to act and check – to feel if there is a true satisfaction. Then correct the direction if something is wrong.
If you are on the third stage: if you don’t know what to do, make a step forward. Nothing and no one but you will get you out of depression. Only specific actions and overcoming of your fears can fix everything.

So, live your best life now. Think for yourself and do not cling to your surroundings. You can’t be aware of the time everything will come to end, so use your time wisely.