Poverty- Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

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Poverty- Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Essay on Poverty

Poverty is the worst form of violence. It is a state of extremity in which an individual is deprived of the most basic requirements of food, shelter, and clothing because of insufficient money or lack of access to services. It comes hand in hand with malnutrition, poor quality of life, illiteracy and low human resource development.

Our government has set an economic benchmark to indicate economic disadvantage and to identify individuals and households in need of government assistance and aid that is below the poverty line. The poverty line set by the government is currently Rs 960 in rural areas and Rs 1410 in urban areas, which if calculated comes out to be Rs 32 in rural areas and Rs 47 in urban areas which mean if a person can spend Rs 32 or more per day in rural areas and Rs 47 or more per day in urban areas will not fall under the BPO category.

Many factors contribute to poverty such as unemployment and underemployment though not everyone who is unemployed lives in poverty.

India is one of the poorest countries in the world. Many Indian people do not get two meals a day. They do not have good houses to live in. Their children do not get a quality education which is the right of every child.

People do not only get physically weak but they also get mentally depressed at times and the reason is that they do not get proper nutrition and diet. Even after 65 years of independence, their conditions are not sufficiently improved. Just like most developing countries, there has been the continuous increase in the population of our country but the employment opportunities are definitely not increased in the same ratio. People migrate from rural areas to cities in search of employment opportunities

Poverty: Meaning, Causes, Impacts, How To Overcome - Essay, Speech
Poverty: Meaning, Causes, Impacts, How To Overcome – Essay, Speech

Causes of Poverty

Growing population: Population is increasing day by day but the resources are limited. It creates a problem for us, today our population is 1.2 billion tomorrow we will be 1.3 billion and so on.

Corruption: People are giving importance to their selfish wants more than national interests. This neglecting of people towards nation is causing poverty.

The gap between the rich and poor: The widening of gap economically between rich and poor is also leading to poverty. The rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer.

Impacts of Poverty

Illiteracy: Education has become really difficult for poor people as they cannot afford even the basic necessities of life. Poor people constitute a large share of the illiterate population.

Child labor: A large number of young boys and girls get engaged in child labor to support their family or to earn 2 meals for them.

Poor lifestyle and hygiene: They do not even get a house to live in most cases. They think very little about hygiene and proper living conditions, the priority for them is naturally basic necessities.

Unemployment: Many people move from villages to cities in search of employment but due to lack of proper skills and illiteracy, they do not get many opportunities there. Thus many people are forced to live unfulfilled.

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How to Overcome Poverty?

There are many steps that could be taken in order to overcome this situation of extremity.

  • Giving farmers all the farming necessities such as advanced farming tools, capital for buying seeds and fertilizers.
  • More and more industries should be set up to meet the needs of our country.
  • The population increment should be checked and controlled.
  • Corruption must end in order to maintain equality.