Power of Youth: Essay, Article, Paragraph, Speech

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Power of Youth: Essay, Article, Paragraph, Speech

Introduction: An Essay on the Power of Youth

Today’s youth sustain power in themselves to raise and cure the political, social and economic issues and bring the change they wish to see in the nation. The generations coming forth have the capabilities, ideas, strength, and knowledge to develop and implement innovations within all the sectors required for a balanced society. They are the roots of the economy on which a strong tree stands. An active and major participation could only unfold the hidden potential lying beneath the veils of stereotypes and prejudices.

Example for Power of Youth – Nirbhaya case of 2012

In the 21st century, crime scenes are prominent to be seen. It is too depressing to interpret the fact that the capital of our nation, Delhi, is also known for its crimes and regarded as one of the most unsafe suburbs of India with respect to women safety. The newspaper headlines are jammed with the cases of molestation, rape and women harassment. The prominent incident of 16th December 2012 commonly known as Nirbhaya case, prevailed in the minds and hearts of people for a long time. A 23-year-old girl, traveling with her friend in a private bus in the Munirka region of South Delhi was beaten, gang-raped and tortured by six people. After battling against death for more than 10 days, she finally gave up on 29th December in a hospital in Singapore. The battle of life surely ended, but it saw the commencement of another battle amongst the people, especially the youth all around the globe.

Power of Youth: Essay, Article, Paragraph, Speech
Power of Youth: Essay, Article, Paragraph, Speech

The youth of the nation felt the need to protest against the circumstances being created in Delhi over a long period of time. There was an agitation amongst people as many clashed against police and government authorities for justice of the victim and bring a change in the judicial system of our country. Thousands of people came at India Gate and Raisina Hill and were treated with water cannon and tear gas shells. After the death, uprisings were seen all over the nation, including Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Mumbai. The widespread rage in masses led to building up of pressure upon the government authorities which brought the necessary amendments in the laws. A judicial committee was set up by the Central government to suggest those changes within the time period of 30 days. Though there is yet a way to win, after the Nirbhaya case, the attitude of people towards the increasing number of crimes in the nation have surely changed. What happened only because of the power used by the youth correctly.

Increasing number of incidents in Banaras Hindu University

Recently, on 1st September, a molestation case was recorded by a student of Banaras Hindu University. The problem of eve-teasing has elevated in large numbers as there had been no action taken against the culprits in the university. Finally, the girls of the hostel went onto dharna in front of the main gate and were joined by other students as well. They continued their protest even when the Prime Minister Modiji were on their way to Varanasi and would be passing through the university. The motive behind their actions was to aware the people and draw the attention on the alarming problem of women safety.

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Explosive powers of the youth

The youth can be explosive enough to burn the world into ashes by manipulating their thought processes.  On political grounds, cases of exploitation of youth are at a distant peak in regions of Jammu Kashmir where the anti-socialists play with their opinions, forcing them to think the way they want to. One such outbreak amongst the youth was seen in February 2016 in Jawaharlal Nehru University where the students protested against the capital punishment meted out to the 2001 parliament attack convict Afzal Guru and Kashmir separatist Maqbool Bhat. The resulting consequences were quite dirty as the protest was confronted by the police by lathi-charge. People around globe have faced such situations where the rage, strength, and power of youth are misused to defend themselves from the world by the wrong hands.

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Over the years, the scenario has changed to a greater extent encountering a huge difference in the processing of creating a mindset and prolonging to it. But there is a need of realization amongst the many teenagers to take interest in the affairs of the nation rather than just being concerned about their own personal lives. Our nation is in the hands of the coming generations who have to go hand in hand to reach the point of being a healthy society.