Practice makes perfect: Meaning, Explanation, Examples (Essay,Speech)

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Practice makes perfect: Meaning, Explanation, Examples
(Essay, Speech)

Practice Makes Perfect Essay

The proverb is one of the oldest that has stood the test of time. As the proverb says, practice makes perfect. It is applicable in all the spheres of life whether it is related to studies, sports or your own life. Practice makes perfect means that diligent habit of working can make any person attend the ideal state of their preferred work. Without the hard work and dedication, it is not possible to attain the stage of mastery. Excellent gain is not something that can be achieved overnight. It needs its proper share of time and one’s commitment to reaching the goal.

Practice Makes Perfect: Meaning

According to an argument which was first stated by Malcolm Gladwell in the book “Outliers” is that to become world-class in any field a person will at least need to work for about 10000 hours. While the exact value of some hours is overwhelming, it only goes on to state that the state of perfection or mastery is not a single day job. A person will continuously need to invest in practice and elevate the skill set required to become the next leader in the field. Otherwise, it will be difficult to cut through the competition.

Ideology of a craftsman

In the book “So good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport, the author describes the mindset of a craftsman. The ideology is that a craftsman instead of searching for a passion that will fulfill every requirement will rather focus on the work. The craftsman will put day and night to collect the skill capital and will apply it to become the mastery. Ultimately, in the process, the set skill will make him more passionate about the work. Thus, deliberate practice of earning the skill is essential in getting to the level of perfection.

The path to mastery

Practice makes perfect

The above proverb, when interpreted in a different perspective, can also be related to another saying, “Uses makes mastery.” The following proverb describes that if a person needs to get mastery in one skill, then he will need to use it again and again. In that way, the action turns into a habit and then habit turns the work into perfection. Attaining that edge of incredible is something that can only be achieved if the skill of time is put into use and not just read about theories.

Beyond the usual interpretation

The proverb sends a message of deliberate practice. This form of working helps to focus on the task and also increases the chance that material is well understood. Not only has that it is also given us the direction as to how such practices should manifest itself after a long run. There is no need deadline or a particular stage to be reached. But the uncertainty and the continuous quest for improving go hand in hand. There is no denying the fact that it takes a lot of willpower even to start a single step towards perfection, but with practice, the goal gets closer every day.

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Conclusion: Practice Makes Perfect (Essay)

Every human should aim to achieve the perfection. Without the hunger for becoming the best, one cannot just live the life of greatness. But to reach the final goal, one should need to undertake lots of practice. It is the practice that will give him the ability to exercise the right action at the right time and achieve the desired goal whenever required. Therefore, practice makes perfect is a life lesson to adhere with whenever possible and one should always seek to attain perfection through practice.

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