Premier Student Loan Center Farewells To New Student Loan Processing Accounts

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For many years, if you were looking for assistance in applying for student loans to attend a university or trade school, the go-to name to know was the Premier Student Loan Center in the Tustin and Irvine, California area of Orange County. PSLC, as it is known for short, has made a career out of guiding people towards the loan package they really needed, and not just the one that the initial FAFSA response offered. Most people simply jump at this proposal without grasping that there may be better options available or even fully understanding what they are signing up for but once they understand the immense benefits from Premier Student Loan Center they are extremely happy with their service but now that they are so big they aren’t taking on any new processing accounts.

Premier has built their business around the concept of keeping their clients fully informed as to what is going on with their application, and what options are available for them to choose from. This is the part that most applicants find so hard to understand: that there is not just one student loan program but many. In fact, there are so many, and their terms and conditions are under such continual modification, that it is not easy even for the professional advisers who work for PSLC to keep abreast of what is happening in the industry.

Regrettably for those who now wish to avail themselves of the services of PSLC, the company has recently announced that it is no longer accepting new clients. It will, however, continue to service its current customer base in the same way that it has always done so before. The company has taken this step only after a long period of introspection in which it was forced to examine what to do about the mountain of new clients who keep signing up with the company.

At some point the limited resources available were not going to be able to provide the excellent service and superior results, which has been the company hallmark for many years. As a result, PSLC has been forced to choose between quality and quantity of service. Given the long time it took for the company to build the sterling reputation it now enjoys, there really wasn’t any doubt as to what their decision would be.

So, for now and into the foreseeable future, Premier Student Loan Center has hit the pause button on their new client business. It is not possible currently to say whether this is a permanent or just temporary move, but the policy is in effect at this moment, and there are no immediate plans for modification. PSLC would like to thank the thousands of people who have been their customers over the years and to send to everyone who is still looking for help in navigating the financial aid maze their sincere regrets at not being able to assist them in their search any longer.