Prevention is Better than Cure: Meaning, Explanation, Essay, Speech

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Prevention is Better than Cure: Meaning, Explanation, Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Prevention is Better than Cure Meaning

It is often seen that if the problem is more contained and lower the rate of circumstances then the rate of accidents is very high and it is confirmed that most of the accidents have happened when there are no chances to happenings.

Secondly, if one wants to create a hacky lifestyle then there are more chances to it, so if the norms are available then what is the need of to taking the spontaneous misconceptions, these situations create accidents without any valid reasons.

Thirdly, this is I want to mention that if a person takes an empathetic fell with their selves than the rate of prevention is goes higher. So this is necessary to develop a responsible form in their nature so that preventive attitude is nidificating in them.

Prevention is Better than Cure: Meaning, Explanation, Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph
Prevention is Better than Cure: Meaning, Explanation, Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Prevention is Better than Cure Explanation & Examples

If we can consider a Road trip that it is must for our entertainment and we are able to see the beautiful natural scenery of other parts of the world which we may not even dream to visit, but due to a little bit of careless attitude make throw you into the mouth of danger. Now accidents of buses, cars, scooters, and tongas are very common in big cities, we read about them in newspapers almost every day, so if one can prevent themselves to the measures that taken by the care that person is surely a big achiever on that day.

There is an option of the backup, if each and every person takes a backup plan of the system or the task that will be performed by the candidate, there is no need to occurring any accident or tragedy sometimes. On the other hand, if we can talk about the scenario that is customized with the carelessness is much worse. So maintaining the conditions for escaping the cure session it is needed to taking an ebullient step to the prevention so that cannot go with the cure period.

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According to the study that is taken by a survey shown that there is the type of behaviors that makes human to be a robot, and in this arena of speedy life there is an attitude of the remunerative section that is provided by the most of the firms and the enterprises. The benevolence of the person to person varies and most situation makes a person suffer more due to this, a winebibber is also not maintained a healthy life and prevention is far better than to them in their dictionary.

A preventive measure is taken by the person or the society is must when they reach their adultness, obviously the prevention is cheaper than cure, so everyone must pay the right attention so it can provide a better result to the person and one can build a nation that can maintain the best country towards the preventive attitude.

Also, this attitude is more highly preferable than any other measures to prevent the situation so that no one can reach the point to the cure, and politely digress the all bad happenings in their life and others as well.

Conclusion on Speech on Prevention is Better than Cure

To sum up, with the all comment and theory provide that life is very much unpredictable, no one can know what will be happening at the other side of your thought and the other second of your task, so it is better to save, it is better to make an effort for problems and difficulties. And if we can follow all the measures of prevention that it is much easier to cure every circumstance in your life to check about or tell them and secure their respective future for the next generation, because it makes our generation better in many ways.

There is much famous quote “Life energy is the key to health. It prevents and cures diseases. Longevity is consistent care of life energy.”
― Julia H. Sun