Railway Accident Essay, Report, Paragraph, Speech (Causes and Remedies)

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Railway Accident Essay, Report, Paragraph, Speech

Report On Railway Accident

It was an early November morning and I was out for my morning walk. It was a pleasant morning filled with the serenity of the gentle and refreshing breeze and the chirpings of the birds. Suddenly there was a loud noise like a thunder. Till I could figure out something I saw people shouting and running towards the railway line and when I turned around I saw a terrible rail accident had taken place.

I too ran towards the site of the accident and what I saw there was terrifying. The train had got derailed and about 7 bogies and the engine were completely destroyed, one over the other. One could just see destruction everywhere. There were hue and cry everywhere. The local people rushed to help the injured. One could just see injured people crying for help. The limbs of some were damaged whole there were many with blood all around their bodies. Many had lost their lives and the people lamenting over their dead bodies there were sounds of ambulances, police vans and other vehicles which were trying to carry the injured to the nearby hospitals as soon as possible

I too ran to the site of the accident to help the people. While I was helping the local residents in the relief and evacuation process while attention was diverted to the sound of the crying of a child. I searched in the direction of the sound and saw that a child was struck between the berths and the windows and was crying for help. I called the relief team and they quickly rescued the child and were rushed to the nearby hospital.

Some had lost their limbs, some had suffered serious injuries, and some were trying to contact their near and dear ones, while many were searching for them who were lost. One could just see the helpless people, who were broken: both physically, mentally and emotionally.

There was just mess everywhere with the luggage and personal belongings of the passengers spread everywhere ad mist the destroyed bogies of the train which was spread in kilometres.

The people started their journey to reach their respective destinations but none knew about what future was holding. The place of the accident was a heart touching sight where one could just see human helplessness, anguish and fear. I just wish that such accidents do not take place in future.